Calix Takes Important First Step Toward the Autonomous Network With Calix Cloud Wi-Fi Management - Helping Service Providers Deliver Exceptional Subscriber Experience While Dramatically Reducing Support Costs

Calix announces new Cloud capabilities that will enable service providers to proactively identify customer needs and automatically address Wi-Fi network performance and device connectivity issues

AUSTIN, TX – February 26, 2018Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today took a step on the path toward enabling autonomous networks with the Calix Cloud platform, and enhancing the service provider’s ability to improve subscriber experience and drive down support costs. With the introduction of “self-healing” capabilities, Calix Support Cloud (CSC) will help reduce the need for manual intervention to address Wi-Fi issues. New enhancements to Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) will automate the identification of upsell and cross-sell opportunities to help service providers create new revenue streams. This is an important step for Calix, as it demonstrates the tangible benefits that service providers will realize from our platforms that connect the world.


This first step, Calix Cloud Wi-Fi self-healing, will be available in March. CSC will scan the subscriber's Wi-Fi network daily, identifying issues such as channel interference. CSC will then analyze the traffic flow within the home, selecting the best time to make changes based upon the household usage patterns. CSC will then proactively select the best channels for optimal performance. Calix studies have determined that Wi-Fi related issues are currently driving more than 50 percent of the calls to customer support teams, and this move to autonomous, proactive support will drive down costs and ensure a world class subscriber experience.


"The upcoming proactive Wi-Fi capabilities in Calix Support Cloud are going to make a huge impact on my support team who are already resolving double the amount of calls in the same amount of time,” said Chris Lovell, assistant manager at CL Tel. “While it’s great that my CSRs can easily resolve these incoming issues today with CSC we are longing for the ability to resolve issues before they ever reach us. Not only does this new functionality optimize my team's workflow and help us continue to reduce support costs, but it also will be a game changer for our subscribers who will get a much-improved Wi-Fi experience."


New enhancements to CMC complement CSC by delivering capabilities that automate critical elements of a marketing workflow. For example:

  • CMC provides a list of subscribers with Wi-Fi issues to the marketing team that contains aggregated data for each subscriber including changes in service tiers, numbers of device connections, and Wi-Fi performance over time.
  • Marketing teams then leverage these insights, in combination with behavioral analytics provided by CMC, to create customized campaigns intended to drive incremental revenue, such as an upsell to mesh Wi-Fi, with high potential subscribers.
  • The marketing team uses CMC to identify the optimal time, date and social channel to launch these campaigns and maximize ROI.

“We are very excited to announce this first important step toward our vision of the autonomous network launching with Calix Cloud. Calix is helping our customers start their journey from leveraging basic automation and predictive analytics to embracing machine learning. Calix is uniquely positioned across all of our platforms – Calix Cloud, EXOS, and AXOS – to embed these technologies at a pace that the industry has not seen before,” stated Michel Langois, senior vice president of products at Calix. “We have spent the last seven years building our platforms from the ground up to be open and extensible. Platforms that are designed this way – such as AXOS, the world’s only software defined access platform - can quickly integrate the best that the ecosystem has to offer, and it starts with the cloud. Calix Support Cloud is having a profound impact on our customers’ call center operations while Calix Marketing Cloud is opening up new opportunities to grow their top line through the power of distributed behavioral analytics. This is the beginning of an exciting journey for Calix and our customers.”


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