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10G PON Technology

The right 10G PON solution for your network, at the right time

Over 225 of today’s broadband service providers have turned to Calix’s 10G PON solutions to meet their network needs of tomorrow.

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High capacity

Fiber-optic cable data transmission allows very high-capacity connections to multiple subscribers.

Simple deployment

XGS-PON simplifies deployment and upgrades.


XGS-PON, NG-PON2 and GPON can co-exist on the same fiber.

Technology detail

Why choose XGS-PON over other PON technologies?

  • XGS-PON is a 10G symmetric standard (ITU G.9807.1) deployed similar to GPON.
  • Because XGS-PON simplifies deployment and upgrades, you'll save time and money, and your subscribers get their new services in days, not weeks.

  • NG-PON2 (Next Generation Passive Optical Network 2, or ITU-T G.989) is the first multi-wavelength access standard.
  • NG-PON2 supports from 4 to 8 wavelengths of 10 Gbps each over a single fiber.
  • Premises tunable lasers and receivers enable multi-gigabit broadband services.

Like previous PON technologies, both XGS-PON and NG-PON2 transmit data through fiber-optic cables, offering very high-capacity connections to multiple subscribers. However, because they are intentionally designed to use wavelengths different from GPON, XGS-PON and NG-PON2 can co-exist on the same fiber, allowing for re-using many portions of the optical distribution network (ODN).

  • XGS-PON simplifies deployment and upgrades, you’ll save time and money, and your subscribers get their new services in days, not weeks.​
  • ​Because XGS-PON uses wavelengths outside of the spectrum allocated to NG-PON2 or GPON, the three technologies can co-exist on the same fiber. This positions BSPs to deploy XGS-PON in a shortened timeframe, helping them to immediately capture the benefits of offering a 10 Gbps service. But it will not inhibit them from future network enhancements.​
  • NG-PON2 can be introduced later, without requiring a major upgrade to the network and without disrupting existing XGS-PON or GPON services. Alternatively, NG-PON2 can be introduced wavelength by wavelength, allowing for a gradual investment strategy that can be set according to customer demand.

MDU Residential Services

  • New technologies like deployed in multi-tenant buildings require higher fiber-to-the-building speeds than today's 2.5 GPON or point-to-point gigabit Ethernet.

Business and Mobile Services

  • Businesses need multi-gigabit speeds, symmetrical services, and committed service rates.
  • Business and business service types can be isolated on dedicated wavelengths for security and QOS.

SFU Residential Services

  • Subscribers are streaming more content in 4K and adding more devices rapidly adding more devices causing an increasing need for bandwidth.
  • Open Access networks are driving the need for multiple service providers on a common infrastructure.


Deploy 10G PON where and when you need it​

How do you deliver 10G PON and beyond on your network?

Whether you are evolving your current network or building a new one Calix AnyPON solutions provide the flexibility you need to build a network today that meets demand into the future.

Download our new white paper: "Drive Down Costs and Accelerate Service Innovation with Next Generation PON".

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Learn more about 10G PON

Have the latest events got you thinking it’s time to deploy PON or 10G PON?

Hearing discussions around new components that could make your deployment easier, like co-existence elements, combo cards, and combi-optics. Whether you are new to deploying broadband or have been deploying for quite some time, this webinar will walk you through the details of deploying 10G PON with Calix experts. 

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