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Internet for business

Small business internet and broadband

Every small business needs internet to run smoothly. Expand your reach and grow new revenue streams by offering small business internet and Wi-Fi.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that specialize in business broadband have the ability to provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, especially when it comes to providing internet access at the point of sale or for hotspots at offices. Additionally, customers can enjoy a seamless online experience, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Small business internet

Help business operations

Wi-Fi for small business

Small business employee

Help every employee access the high-speed, fast Wi-Fi they need to work smoothly, without network interruptions, for any small business industry.

Small business point of sale Wi-Fi

Ensure best-in-class point of sale systems have the Wi-Fi they need to reliably process transactions and share data where it’s needed most.

Small business guest Wi-Fi

Help small businesses offer guest Wi-Fi that exceeds expectations, every single time. With safe, secure business internet, help local businesses increase foot traffic.

Wi-Fi solutions

Business internet you can depend on

Small business Wi-Fi security is critical for reliable, smooth sailing operations. With security breaches on the rise, business owners, employees, and guests need to know their internet connection is safe and secure from malware, viruses, and cyberattacks.
After all, small businesses often process vulnerable data, including customer information and payment details. Reliable, award-winning business Wi-Fi solutions ensure that business cybersecurity is handled—without major time and headaches from ISPs to manage it.

Small businesses rely on 24-7 internet connectivity. There’s no room for downtime. When Wi-Fi or broadband is interrupted, services go down that the entire company depends on. Whether it’s POS systems, payment processing, or vendor communications, small businesses depend on connectivity staying “always on.”
For many SMBs and companies, the right solution is a small business cellular backup. If the main internet service goes down, or there's loss of power, a cellular backup can automatically kick on, ensuring no small business loses out on critical sales or processes.

Not everyone knows about phishing, cybersecurity breaches, or malware attacks. Even if business owners train their employees, guests using Wi-Fi might accidentally click on something dangerous. Internet content filtering lets small businesses regulate what content is accessible over their private and guest Wi-Fi networks. By adding this additional layer of protection, SMBs can control content and rest easy knowing that anyone on their network is already kept away from malicious domains.

Managed Services

Enable small businesses to maximize their productivity and drive customer engagement

Designed specifically for small businesses

For all their business networking and productivity needs, small business owners have limited choices—either repurposed residential products or complex and costly enterprise-grade solutions.​

Calix meets the needs of the small business with an all-in-one managed service that increases staff productivity, secures critical business systems, and drives customer loyalty.

Grow and expand

Discover new revenue opportunities

Grow your revenue base and quickly expand into new markets with a managed service purpose-built for small businesses.

By streamlining your operations and optimizing your resources, you can better manage your time, efforts, and finances, ultimately leading to increased growth potential.

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Provide more

Offer business productivity services

Transition from selling connectivity services to providing business productivity as a trusted source for local businesses.

Businesses require more than just connectivity to thrive; they need to be provided with the necessary tools and solutions to help them improve their productivity and efficiency.

Small business owners in plant shop

Utilize existing infrastructure

Leverage technology already in place

Decrease operational expenses and speed up the time it takes to bring your product or service to market is by leveraging existing residential platforms and systems.

This strategy can help you stay competitive in today's fast-paced market and improve your bottom line.

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