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Simplify your network and accelerate your business

Calix announces
AXOS Intelligent Access Edge
solution that radically simplifies
networks and reduces TCO ​

Simplify your Next Generation Network

Are you ready for a network that can think for itself, heal itself, and enables system upgrades in a blink of an eye?

AXOS is the world's only software defined access platform. Because AXOS has a modular architecture, it is simple to add new network functions without impacting existing services. AXOS allows you to simlify your network, your operations, and your overall business.  

AXOS will change forever the way you operate your access network.



AXOS Customers:
Building the simplified network of the future to accelerate their business


Gibson Connect expands broadband reach

"The network we are building with Calix, using the AXOS E7-2, gives our communities the ability to compete on a global scale and keep our residents and businesses located in our serving area. As we continue to sign up new subscribers to what is one of the most advanced networks in the U.S., we will translate this into a phenomenal subscriber experience." 

 -- Charles L. Phillips, VP, Engineering and Technical Services at Gibson EMC


CityFibre adds brain to its fiber brawn

“In Calix we have found a like-minded ally, an innovator that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible when intelligent software meets fiber-only infrastructure. Our partnership enables us to unleash the full power and potential of our fiber networks, creating the nation’s fastest, smartest and most accessible, digital communications platform."

-- Greg Mesch, chief executive of CityFibre


Verizon and NG-PON2 creating next level network

"You can imagine, as we go forward, the simplicity that this brings to making changes, enhancements and adjustments to the platform. This model we're really happy with. For us, it is going to make the network more reliable."

--Lee Hicks, VP of Technology Planning at Verizon


Learn how AXOS enables you to simplify your operations

By combining the unique AXOS software defined attributes and the remote diagnostic capabilities of the AXOS toolbox, you can simplify your operations while eliminating maintenance windows and truck rolls. 


The power of AXOS

Read our whitepaper, "The power of Software Defined Access (SDA) delivered."


AXOS Architecture

Deliver future proof, always on services over any physical layer.


AXOS Software

Rapidly deploy new capabilities as well as transition to a next generation architecture with AXOS Modular architecture.


AXOS Sandbox

Begin your BSS/OSS integration now with AXOS Sandbox. AXOS hardware independence means your lab is your laptop


Always have the tools you need, when you need them

AXOS integrated diagnostics toolbox, reduce network downtime without rolling a truck!


AXOS E-Series Systems

Single operational workflows across the entire network with a wide variety of configurations: 

  • E9-2: Data Center and Central Office
  • E7-2: Central Office and Remote Cabinets
  • E5 / E3: Multi-Dwelling Units and Sealed Remote Locations

AXOS E9-2 Named Most Innovative SDN Solution

Leading service providers like Verizon are leveraging the AXOS E9-2 to deliver on the vision of SDN while reaping the immediate economic benefits of a full-featured NG-PON2 production-quality solution. 


Simplify your network and accelerate your business with the Intelligent Access Edge

Gain efficiency in your network by reducing network elements and consolidating subscriber and service related functions into the access network.  Reduced operational costs and accelerated time to market mean you will win against the competition!


AXOS scales up and scales down without limits

AXOS is the optimal solution for service providers of every type and size.

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