We all live in an Always On world, your network should be too!

Delivering the world's only Always On
network platform, eliminating routine
maintenance windows

We all live in an Always On world, your network should be too!

Delivering the world's only Always On
network platform, eliminating routine
maintenance windows


Simplify your network and the operation of it,
so you can focus on growing your business

With Network Innovation Platform (AXOS), you will dramatically simplify your operations through its fully abstracted service layer, hardware independence, common service models and workflows, as well as a stateful, always-on environment.

It will revolutionize your access network forever.


Intelligent Access EDGE Software

AXOS modular architecture allows service providers to choose the network architecture that fits their deployment scenarios, from a traditional Layer 2 network architecture to a simplified layer 3 network architecture that enables consolidation of subscriber-related functions.

AXOS Architecture

AXOS—The Innovation Platform can help you deliver future proof, always on services over everyPON

Intelligent Access EDGE Systems

Common operational workflows across the entire network with a wide variety of configurations: 

  • E9-2: Data Center and Central Office
  • E7-2: Central Office and Remote Cabinets
  • E5 / E3: Multi-Dwelling Units and Sealed Remote Locations

AXOS Sandbox

Begin your BSS/OSS integration now with AXOS Sandbox. AXOS hardware independence means your lab is your laptop.

AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox

Always have the tools you need, when you need them. With the AXOS integrated diagnostics toolbox, reduce network downtime without rolling a truck!

Intelligent Access EDGE

Gain efficiency by reducing network elements and consolidating subscriber and service related functions into the access network. 


How to bring network reliability, security, and simplicity within reach

With the ever-increasing demand for broadband, is your network keeping up?

Don’t let inefficiencies like a flat Layer 2 network or broadcast storms take over your subscriber experience. Stay ahead of their experience by bringing better reliability and security to your network.

Is your network set up to thrive in the long run?

As your subscriber base grows rapidly, are you forced to build and deploy your network so quicky that your operations colleagues may need to spend their days troubleshooting with temporary, short-term solutions?

Planning for network design simplicity could be the answer to staying agile in the long run. A simplified network approach could give you more time to work closely with broadband operations colleagues to improve subscriber satisfaction and continually scale service deployment faster in the future.

Calix honored by 2022 Lightwave Innovation Reviews

Calix extended its 10G PON market leadership in 2021 with new Intelligent Access EDGE XGS-PON capabilities enabling broadband service providers to reduce OPEX and CAPEX while simplifying the operations and management of an Always On subscriber experience with Calix Operations Cloud and the Network Innovation Platform (AXOS), and a techy image of your choice for background.


Network Innovation Platform (AXOS) customers​

Building the simplified network of the future
to accelerate their business

Blue Ridge Communications deploys Calix 10Gbps, XGS-PON Intelligent Access EDGE Platform

“We believe the need for speed and bandwidth will continue to increase as more and more people work, learn, and are entertained at home. Fiber allows for ultra-fast symmetrical speeds and increased network reliability as well as the added environmental benefits of lower power consumption. It is the next logical step in the evolution of our network."

  --Mark Masenheimer, vice president of operations at Blue Ridge


Auburn Essential Services future proof transformation to FTTX network architecture

“AXOS is what we had hoped for in a maturing platform that is consistently stable and reliable---characteristics that our customers have come to expect from AES. We've deployed AXOS E7-2 systems and they have already proved to us that they are ready for primetime.”

 —Chris Schweitzer, General Manager


3 Rivers Communications simplifies their active ethernet business and operations

“The AXOS platform with its software-defined access has improved our day-to-day operations. Its easier to integrate our OSS/BSS into that platform and we’ve gained operational efficiencies in software upgrades without interfering with our subscribers’ experience.”

  --Leo Brady, Network Supervisor


Verizon and NG-PON2 creating next level network

"You can imagine, as we go forward, the simplicity that this brings to making changes, enhancements and adjustments to the platform. This model we're really happy with. For us, it is going to make the network more reliable."

--Lee Hicks, VP of Technology Planning at Verizon

Network Innovation Platform (AXOS)​ wins Leading Light Most Innovative Telecoms Product

Demonstrating the power of a platform, AXOS and the AXOS Intelligent Access Edge help service providers simplify operations and the architecture of the network winning the Leading Lights Most Innovative Telecoms Product


Network Innovation Platform (AXOS)​ resources

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The power of the Network Innovation Platform (AXOS)​

Read this white paper to find out how to eliminate the problems of the past and disrupt the business of broadband.


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