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AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Access System

The revolutionary AXOS® E9-2 delivers unconstrained scale and bandwidth for providers to converge mobile, business and residential service networks


Building a successful broadband network to grow your business

The revolutionary E9-2 Intelligent Access System is designed to deliver unconstrained scale and bandwidth enabling service providers to converge mobile, business and residential services networks.


Product details

Calix E9-2: Bring scale, resiliency, and efficiency to your network

E9-2 with the distributed OLTs and DSLAM


Simplify your network by bringing L3 functionality to your distributed Layer 2 access network.

  • Aggregation Services Manager
  • Centralized Subscriber Management
  • Access Edge Routing
  • Simplify network operations
  • Reduce TCO

E9-2 with the integrated OLT


Simplify your network by consolidating service routing, subscriber management, aggregation, and integrated access networks.

  • Control Card
  • Distributed Subscriber Mgmt.
  • Simplified subscriber services
  • Common Services provisioning
  • Bring intelligence closer to the subscriber edge
  • Reduce TCO

Awards and recognition

Industry awards and recognition

2024 Lightwave innovation Awards
Excellence in FTTx Systems

Lightwave Innovation Review panel selects Calix Intelligent Access E9-2  for achieving excellence in technical features and performance.

Benefits and Features

Aggregate the access network with the E9-2 Intelligent Access System

Get smarter

Gain the benefits of an intelligent network.

Reduce TCO

Reduce network total cost of ownership and time-to-market.


Automate and simplify subscriber and service workflows business.

Technical specifications

E9-2 technical specifications

System Aggregation and Control Cards

Uplink Ports/Aggregation Ports

Interconnect Interfaces

Datasheet (login required)


2 QSFP-28 (40G/100G), 8 SFP+ (1G, 10G), 2 SFP (1G)

4 Interconnect Interfaces 400G -> 4*100G



32 x 1G / 10G SFP+ ports, 4 x 40G/100G/200G QSFP-DD ports




Line Card

Subscriber Ports

Uplink Ports

Datasheet (login required)


32 XGS-PON/16 GPON/16 Multi-PON ports

4 QSFP-28 (40G / 100G)



16 NG-PON2/XGS-PON ports

4 QSFP-28 (40G / 100G)



16 SFP GPON Ports (2.5G/1.25G)

2 QSFP-28 Ports (40G/100G)



Chassis specifications

Download Datasheet
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System Innovation

  • Scalable to support 16  very high-density PON line cards when using the CLX3001 Control card
  • Aggregate existing Layer 2 access networks utilizing the ASM3001 Aggregation Services Manager
  • Flexible backplane enables system growth without replacement

Fiber Innovation

  • GPON, XGS-PON, NG-PON2  scaling from 16 to 256 Ports in a single managed system
  • Full non-blocking, redundant uplink options

AXOS Module Supported

  • RPm, ARm, SMm on either the CLX3001 or ASM3001
  • Consolidate the functions of subscriber management, aggregation, edge routing w/ MPLS and OLT based on the modules chose

Modularity extends beyond hardware

The modularity of the system extends beyond hardware. Powered by AXOS, the E9-2 Intelligent Access System delivers on the promise of Software Defined Access. The fast, always-on, and simple network provides a stateful system that allows incremental enhancements or feature additions.

AXOS componentized nature ensures the E9-2 is ideally suited for virtualized functions in a complex network environment. The E9-2 with AXOS can accelerate network transformation by seamlessly coexisting with virtualized architectures, ultimately driving operational complexity and cost out of networks.

Fast. Always On. Simple

With AXOS, back office integration has never been easier. Use AXOS Sandbox to build a virtual edge-to-edge Software Defined Access network that speeds OSS integration and software certification with dramatic economic results.

News and insights

Routing at the Network Edge

As networks continue to grow, operators face a variety of architectural challenges leveraging the best of Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking.

Learn how service providers are taking advantage of techniques including Layer 2 VPNs and MPLS, VRRP, and ECMP to move network routing closer to the subscriber edge.

abstract network edge with circles

Case studies

Customer Stories

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BrightRidge talks about how AXOS is simplifying their deployments
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Truestream Builds a Simplified Next Generation Network with Calix AXOS E9-2

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