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Home network security

Home network security for the connected home

By 2025, it is estimated that 75 billion devices will be connected to the Internet—that is 25 devices per household. 

As cybersecurity threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, your subscribers need continuous, equally innovative online protection. 

Home security device

Subscriber safety

Lock down all entry points to networks and keep your subscribers safe from threats

Offer families peace of mind

Subscribers can rest assured that their families are safe, their home network is guarded, and their digital well-being is protected, all thanks to the cybersecurity service you offer them.

Get high return with low risk

With our curated cybersecurity service, your business will benefit from growing revenue, improved customer retention, and reduced costs of serving subscribers.

Heighten subscriber engagement

Subscribers receive a notification and summary report with every malicious event blocked from their home network. Grow your value, improve loyalty and drive retention by having their back.

Delivering peace of mind

An unsecured home network is like an unlocked front door

Are you protecting your subscriber home networks against cybercrime?

Deliver peace of mind for a better customer experience and increased revenue with a network-level security application that works quietly in the background and proactively keeps malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions away from subscribers’ homes 24x7. 

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Keep malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions away from your subscribers’ homes

With Calix's home network security solutions in their home networks, subscribers keep their data and assets shielded from hostile activity over the internet, and it provides subscribers with an added layer of protection for connected devices. 

Download the white paper below to learn more about cybersecurity threats in the smart home.

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Apr 12, 2024 | 3 min
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