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Allow your subscribers to lock down all entry points to the home network and keep subscribers safe from thousands of attacks and breaches of privacy


Keep malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions from your subscriber homes

ProtectIQ is a network-level security application that proactively keeps malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions away from subscriber homes 24x7. ProtectIQ leverages a large cloud database of known virus and ransomware threats.

Product details

Are you protecting your subscriber home networks against cybercrime?

Keep malicious websites, viruses & intrusions away

ProtectIQ protects connected devices from cyberattacks and malware, including viruses and ransomware. It neutralizes these threats and prevents them from ever reaching the connected devices in the subscriber’s network.

ProtectIQ security screenshot

Descriptors tell subscribers about viruses blocked

ProtectIQ provides subscribers with timely notifications about threats in the network. Each time the classification engine detects a threat in the network, ProtectIQ neutralizes it and sends a notification to the subscriber via the CommandIQ app.

ProtectIQ security alarm screenshot

Detect both network and computer intrusions

ProtectIQ also prevents unknown devices from trying to access other devices in the subscriber network. Any unauthorized devices attempting to access the network will be blocked by ProtectIQ.

ProtectIQ intrusion settings screenshot

View the trusted list of websites

ProtectIQ monitors devices connected to the network and blocks any attempts to visit websites that are known to be malicious. When a website is blocked, users will see a message in their browsers indicating that the website is not available.

ProtectIQ trusted websites screenshot

Benefits and Features

An unsecured home network is like an unlocked front door

Go to market quickly

Launch ProtectIQ simply with minimal integration requirements and market activation support.

Offer peace of mind

Subscribers can rest assured that their families are safe, all thanks to the value-added service you offer them.

Get high return with low risk

There are no market research or development costs to you, but your business will benefit from growing revenue and improved customer retention.

Market activation

Tools and content to market ProtectIQ

Grow your business by increasing your marketing effectiveness

Built by service provider marketers for service providers, the Calix Market Activation program combines award winning creative and real-world marketing programs built exclusively for subscribers.

screenshot of market activation resources

News and Insights

Stay informed with the latest

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In this video we discuss how you can easily integrate managed services into your growth strategy, package and market new services to your subscribers, and leverage subscriber data to accelerate adoption and yield new revenue streams.

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Success stories

Customer Stories

Centracom logo and snowy mountain
Canadian Fiber Optics blocks 100 threats a month per subscriber
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Mount Horeb Telephone Company blocks 25 threats a month per subscriber
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CentraCom achieved 76 percent adoption of ProtectIQ in six months
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