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Internet for Small Business

Small business owners have big challenges—and bigger dreams

Small businesses are the lifeblood of a community and they need reliable and fast internet to keep business running smoothly. Small business owners don't have time to worry about network security and network operations. Small business owners need a trusted partner for their small business internet needs!

Broadband service providers can now deliver a seamless experience for small business owners. Whether your subscribers are running a cafe, a retail store, or a professional office, these solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of small business owners.

Become the trusted partner for internet for small business!

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Staff productivity

Challenges in hiring and retaining talent, and lack of latest technology.


Setting up a secure, audit-ready point-of-sale system.

Secure Wi-Fi

Providing a safe and secure customer always-on Wi-Fi experience.

Technology detail

Move beyond connectivity to driving business productivity and new revenue

While reliable high-speed Internet access is critical—driving revenue, operational efficiency, and productivity are top of mind priorities for business owners. ​

Productivity applications increase bottom line profits that every small business owner depends on. To stay competitive, small businesses must optimize all aspects of their business​:

  • Attract and retain new customers​
  • Improve quality of products and processes​
  • Increase business growth​
  • Improve workforce productivity​
  • Reduce operating expenses​

Small businesses serve a range of verticals like hospitality, retail, professional services, and light manufacturing. While each business is unique, they share many common networking and business productivity needs. ​​

  • Whole-business Wi-Fi with dedicated networks for owner, staff, point-of-sale terminals, and customers ​
  • Secure customer Wi-Fi that drives engagement with customer loyalty
  • Protection from cyberthreats that result in costly downtime​
  • Point-of-Sale and critical business systems that are always online
  • Analytics and business insights​

Consumers expect Wi-Fi connectivity at the businesses they frequent, whether they’re at the coffee shop, hair salon, or car dealership. This isn’t simply a consumer benefit. In a recent survey, 62 percent of small businesses said that customers stayed in-store longer if the establishment offered free Wi-Fi, with 50 percent reporting an increase in consumer spending. Small businesses in more rural parts of the country often act as places of community for residents of the town. BSPs can support business and community by offering safe, secure Wi-Fi that creates a great experience for both business and consumer.

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