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Allow subscribers to easily create and enforce online rules for the users and devices in their home networks


Help your subscribers take control of their online lives

ExperienceIQ® allows subscribers to easily create online rules for the users and devices in their home networks. It prioritizes the applications and devices that access Wi-Fi, protects children from inappropriate content and set time limits for them.

Product details

Subscribers set the rules, you help enforce them

Receive a view of the time user spends on apps

ExperienceIQ provides information on the amount of time subscribers spend on the applications they have been authorized to use. It analyzes all data traffic to determine how much time users are spending online broken down daily, weekly and monthly.

Prioritize applications and devices on the network

Subscribers can prioritize the activities by ordering them from top to bottom with the most important activities on top. Once set, My Priorities will do all the work to prioritize traffic to your activities. Three different schedules are supported.

Block access to apps that place children at risk

Subscribers can block access to websites that host inappropriate content. ExperienceIQ includes a comprehensive list of apps that can be either blocked or allowed for each profile and can search for a specific one and then either allow or block it.

Schedule times for children to use the internet

ExperienceIQ lets parents schedule times during which internet access will be blocked. For each profile, subscribers can specify the days of the week and times of day when the internet will be unavailable to users.

ExperienceIQ app time limits screenshot

Use content filtering to ensure online safety

ExperienceIQ provides subscribers with a set of easy-to-use tools to protect family members, especially children, from inappropriate and potentially harmful online content. Block access to specific websites that fall into 15 predefined categories.

Benefits and features

Give subscribers the control they need

Go to market quickly

Launch ExperienceIQ simply with minimal integration requirements and market activation support.

Offer peace of mind

Subscribers can rest assured that their families are safe, all thanks to the value-added service you offer them.

Get high return with low risk

There are no market research or development costs to you, but your business will benefit from growing revenue and improved customer retention.

Market activation

Tools and content to market ExperienceIQ

Grow your business by increasing your marketing effectiveness

Built by service provider marketers for service providers, the Calix Market Activation program combines award winning creative and real-world marketing programs built exclusively for subscribers.

News and insights

Innovative ways to drive higher revenue and retain subscribers

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