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Broadband operations

Operations managers can stop reacting and start predicting

In a world where subscribers are demanding an "always on" experience, the ability to quickly understand how the network is performing is key to a great subscriber experience.

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Challenges broadband operations face today

Unforeseen network outages

Broadband networks can be impacted by critical events that cause unforeseen outages—such as extreme weather, sudden equipment failure, or a fiber cut.

Complex and manual processes

Network problems can cause operations to “swivel chair” between different screens and systems, taking manual steps and touching various systems to determine the root cause of the issue—and they are unable to communicate critical information to the appropriate teams in a timely fashion.

Assuring the broadband experience

Subscribers expect the network and their services to "just work."  Operations teams are tasked with understanding what is happening across the end-to-end network in real time—and what the impact is on subscribers and services.  

Shifting subscriber expectations

Today broadband service providers are expected to understand subscribers’ unique behaviors, then deliver experiences that support increasingly connected lifestyles—work from anywhere, tele-education, tele-medicine, video streaming and connected fitness.

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