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Keep your small business community connected, protected, and productive with a purpose-built solution


Small business owners have big challenges—and bigger dreams

Provide small businesses with the security and productivity tools they need to thrive.

SmartBiz is an all-in-one solution that enables you to be the catalyst for small business growth in your community and drive new revenue opportunities.

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Product details

An out-of-the-box solution for small businesses of all shapes and sizes


Help Main Street thrive
Empower your local small businesses with safe and reliable connectivity for their business, staff, and customers.

Staff Wi-Fi management, isolated networks, network-wide cybersecurity, and cellular failover keep their business secure and connected.

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Serve up managed Wi-Fi
While reliable high-speed Internet access is critical—driving revenue, operational efficiency, and productivity are top priorities for small business owners.

SmartBiz offers the ideal suite of features to help and protect busy small business owners.

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Light industrial

Fast Wi-Fi, near and far
Deliver amazing Wi-Fi coverage across any small business with mesh satellites. Ensure that all business devices, staff, and customers are connected—no matter where they are.

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Benefits and features

Become the catalyst for small business growth

New revenue opportunities

Grow your revenue base and quickly expand into new markets with a managed service purpose-built for small businesses.

Connectivity to productivity

Transition from selling connectivity services to providing business productivity as a trusted source for local businesses.

Platform leverage

SmartBiz is deployed, operated, and supported using the Calix Cloud platform, providing end-to-end visibility into the subscriber experience.

Brandable mobile app

Put your brand—and only your brand—in your subscriber's hand. CommandWorx provides self-service capabilities, resulting in fewer support calls.

Made for small business

Rather than choosing between repurposed residential products or costly enterprise solutions, SmartBiz offers the perfect balance for small businesses.

Connect everything, everywhere

Deploy SmartBiz across our GigaSpire and GigaPro systems, which offer high performance and reliability and can extend coverage with mesh satellites.

Market activation

Your success is our success

Ready-to-go marketing resources help you go to market quickly

Our Market Activation program offers a wide range of brandable assets that help you hit the ground running. Leverage pre-built marketing campaigns, videos, and web templates to reach and educate small business owners across your community.

Technical specifications

SmartBiz Features

CommandWorx is a self-service mobile app that enables small business owners to monitor and manage their network from anywhere.

Business owners can quickly set up and share Wi-Fi networks, create a brandable customer Wi-Fi portal, manage staff device connectivity, enable Network Resilience with another cellular device, and more.

CommandWorx can be easily stylized within Calix Cloud to display your logo and match your brand color scheme.

commandworx app

SmartBiz enables business owners to easily setup and manage up to four business-oriented Wi-Fi networks. Each network is isolated and prioritized, keeping business-critical traffic—such as point-of-sale transactions—separate and protected from customer Wi-Fi traffic.

Wi-Fi is an essential service for small businesses, contributing to employee productivity and creating a memorable customer experience. Business owners can customize their customer Wi-Fi portal splash page, which optionally doubles as a marketing tool. 

Network Resilience helps ensure critical systems stay online by using a cellular device or secondary wired backup connection in the event of a fiber disruption. SmartBiz automatically handles switching between the primary and backup networks, providing business continuity.

smartbiz small business networking

Employees can be onboarded onto the Staff Wi-Fi network using CommandWorx, enabling improved network security and productivity.

By creating staff profiles with unique passwords, owners have more granular control over content restrictions, Internet access, and device management. When a staff profile is removed, only its associated devices will lose network access, eliminating Wi-Fi password changes.

smartbiz staff management

SmartBiz Network Security protects businesses from cyberattacks and costly downtime. The integrated firewall provides network-level protection from unauthorized traffic and malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions.

Business owners can create and customize content restrictions for each of the networks. SmartBiz provides business owners peace of mind by protecting their business, staff, and customers from inappropriate or harmful content.

smartbiz security and restrictions

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Delivering small business productivity

SmartBiz combines the power of Calix Cloud, flexibility of SmartBizWorx, and simplicity of CommandWorx into the ideal solution for small businesses. You can help them thrive with the right mix of secure connectivity and business productivity.

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