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Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs)

WISPs see opportunity from rooftops to mountain tops

You go where others won't. With the time, effort and investment you've made in serving your communities, how do you keep lifelong happy customers? Calix has the answers.

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WISPs face many challenges delivering broadband to hard to reach, rural areas

Lower operational expenses (OpEx)

It's challenging to keep your operational costs down while also offering exceptional, always-on support and reduced truck rolls.

Growing your subscriber base

Struggling to acquire new subscribers with specific broadband solutions that perfectly align with their wants and needs.

Creating loyal customers for life

Difficulty constantly adapting to changing subscriber needs and preferences to maintain strong subscriber loyalty.


How Calix helps WISPs simplify operations and grow their business

Provide subscribers with everything they need to enjoy the best possible experience while reducing support costs and generating additional revenue. It's a win-win!

Improve operational efficiency and simplify customer care with a cloud platform that gives end to end visibility into the subscriber experience.

Turn broadband operations into a subscriber experience differentiator with automated notifications and workflows.

Acquire new customers and increase marketing ROI as you grow your brand using insights that enable you to deliver services your customers want.

Featured Perspectives and Insights

WISP market perspectives

Own the Wi-Fi experience for better customer satisfaction

80% of calls to customer service are associated with Wi-Fi problems. Learn how to own that experience and improve customer satisfaction.

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Case Studies

WISP customer successes


Calix services allow CloudWyze to reach new heights.

Zirkel Wireless

The Calix platform helps Zirkel Wireless deliver exceptional services to their customers.

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WISPER Internet delivers the ultimate WiFi experience with Calix
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Zirkel Wireless delivers Calix services and then "never hears from them again"
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WISP solutions to help you succeed