Calix Customers Leverage Mesh-Enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi and Calix Cloud to Deliver an Unmatched Subscriber Experience

Hundreds of service providers implement groundbreaking mesh capabilities and leverage the Calix Cloud across their networks to achieve unprecedented Wi-Fi performance

PETALUMA, CA – January 10, 2018 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX), today announced that initial deployments of its powerful solution of Mesh-enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi and Calix Cloud are producing impressive performance results. As the number of connected devices grows within subscriber homes, service providers face increased support calls from subscribers who are frustrated with the limitations of their existing Wi-Fi service. These issues are exacerbated when subscribers introduce costly, unmanaged consumer-grade Wi-Fi routers and extenders into their homes. With the combination of the Calix GigaCenter, 804Mesh satellites, and the Calix Cloud, service providers are experiencing a reduction in support calls while delivering a dramatically improved Wi-Fi experience to their subscribers. Many are leveraging this powerful solution to offer or extend managed services that increase their revenue per subscriber.


“The proliferation of connected home devices has led to an average of 9.1 connected devices per U.S. broadband home,” said Brad Russell, Research Director, Connected Home with Parks Associates. “These products have placed increasing demands on the home network. Many communications service providers have been waiting for connected device adoption to reach greater penetration before rolling out hardware optimized to support them, but it appears that day has come, and service providers are ready to respond.”


Today, many subscribers are purchasing consumer-grade Wi-Fi systems from big box stores and online retailers. While these devices can cost as much as $500, they often don’t feature the advanced technology that enables an optimized subscriber experience for roaming throughout the home, are challenging to manage remotely, and require complicated manual configuration. When issues arise, service providers are often unfairly taking the blame for delivering a poor broadband experience. By deploying Calix 804Mesh satellites with the Calix Cloud, service providers can move to offense, delivering managed, Whole Home Wi-Fi to delighted subscribers. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for consumer-grade solutions, subscribers can now receive Mesh-enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi for just pennies a day.


“Calix 804Mesh, along with Calix Support Cloud, is already making a positive impact on our subscribers’ broadband experience, while driving down our support call volume,” said Jim Kronebusch, CTO at HBC. “We have seen subscribers roam throughout their home without dropping their connection; even when conducting a video call. IPTV set-top boxes connected to the 804Mesh satellites are working flawlessly as well. The performance improvements have been impressive with strong signals and throughput as high as 80 Mbps all the way out to subscribers’ detached garages, which previously received less than 1 Mbps. We are looking forward to expanding our deployment of 804Mesh satellites to delight more subscribers with an improved Wi-Fi experience.”


With Calix Support Cloud managing the entire system, service providers can also easily and remotely address common Wi-Fi issues and eventually reduce the onslaught of burdensome calls coming into their customer support representatives.


“We are thrilled with the strong response we have seen from our service provider customers who are focused on improving their subscribers’ Wi-Fi experience with Mesh-Enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi,” said Michael Weening, executive vice president of sales and marketing. “While performance is improved, additional revenue-generating opportunities are also created by bundling the 804Mesh satellites with other services, such as premium tech support (which can include support for IoT devices) or an upgraded Internet package with increased speeds or higher monthly usage limits. This is just the tip of the iceberg for our customers, however, as Managed Wi-Fi will serve as the gateway to owning the subscriber experience and preparing for the smart home of the future. Consumers have always looked to the consumer electronics industry – not to their service provider – for cutting edge technology, and have paid the price with expensive, complex, and rapidly obsolete solutions. Not anymore.”


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Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) pioneered Software Defined Access and cloud products focused on access networks and the subscriber. Its portfolio of Intelligent Access systems and software combines AXOS, the revolutionary platform for access, and EXOS, the experience OS, with Calix Cloud, innovative cloud products for network data analytics and subscriber experience assurance. Together, they enable communications service providers to transform their businesses and be the winning service providers of tomorrow. For more information, visit the Calix website at


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