Give subscribers control of their
Wi-Fi experience

Give subscribers control of their
Wi-Fi experience

Subscribers set the rules, you help enforce them

With so much of every day life now conducted online, from work to school to leisure activity, it’s increasingly important to put parameters around online activity.​

With ExperienceIQ subscribers can:

Set bandwidth prioritization​

My Priorities allows subscribers to prioritize applications and devices on their home network to access the home WiFi. ​


Block content

Subscribers can block access to specific websites or applications in the household for some or all users with a simple setting.​

Define screen time​

Family profile tools manage the hours of use for each connected device in the home.

Help your subscribers take control of their online lives​

With ExperienceIQ, your subscriber sets the boundaries, and you help keep them. Subscribers can protect children from inappropriate or harmful content, create profiles for specific family members and devices, then take protective actions. They can schedule times when the internet is limited or blocked for individual users. ​

Go to market quickly

Launch ExperienceIQ simply with minimal integration requirements and market activation support. ​

Offer peace of mind

Subscribers can rest assured that their families are safe, all thanks to the value-added service you offer them.

Get high return with low risk

There are no market research or development costs to you, but your business will benefit from growing revenue, improved customer retention, and reducing the cost of serving subscribers the services they want. 

Heighten engagement

Subscribers have a simple, click of a button set of controls at their fingertips. Grow your value, improve loyalty and drive retention by making their lives simpler.


Customers driving success

Our customers are leaning in to protecting their subscribers with ExperienceIQ. Read more about their success here. 


“With Calix, we now have the infrastructure and services to excite new and existing subscribers and drive growth in our rural communities.”

Nick MacArthur, operations officer for Mainland Telecom


“We needed to make the transition from a product company to one that truly offered a differentiated experience—a connected lifestyle—to our subscribers.”​

Chad Mix, marketing director for Norvado


“With Calix, we’re able to give our members a rich experience that they simply cannot get anywhere else—managed Wi-Fi service at gigabit speeds, with intuitive and easy-to-use mobile apps that provide the management, security, and parental controls to keep their networks running smoothly.​"

Nate Brickner, CEO and general manager of Bascom Communications