Calix AXOS Software

Rapidly transform your network and operations
with AXOS Modules and AXOS Connectors

Calix AXOS Software

Rapidly transform your network and operations
with AXOS Modules and AXOS Connectors

Simplify operations with the power of software defined networks

What if you had a platform that takes the noise out of your operations and accelerates your business?​ With the AXOS software platform you can do just that.​

The AXOS modular archutecture provides you with powerful building blocks to construct your networks in a simple, agile, and efficient way.


Build a next generation network with AXOS modules

AXOS modules simplify your network by collapsing multiple functions into a single system

Routing Protocol module (RPm)

  • Gain visibility into your access network 
  • Provide greater security for your network

Advanced Routing Protocol module (ARm)

  • Bring edge routing including MPLS  into the access network
  • Transform your existing access network to a routed network

Subscriber Management module (SMm)​

  • Consolidate subscriber and services management  closer to the subscriber
  • Simplify network workflows

Choose the best AXOS modules for your needs

RPm - Transform your access network with routing functionality

ARm - Consolidate edge routing, MPLS and the access network

SMm - Distribute subscriber and services management in the access network



AXOS wins Leading Light Most Innovative Telecoms Product

Demonstrating the power of a platform, AXOS and the AXOS Intelligent Access Edge help service providers simplify operations and the architecture of the network winning the Leading Lights Most Innovative Telecoms Product.


Enrich your network capabilities with AXOS connectors

Use AXOS connectors to simplify integration with diverse systems.

AXOS SMx (Services Management Connector)

  • Integrate with diverse provisioning systems
  • Integrate with diverse network architectures

AXOS DPx: DOCSIS today, SDN tomorrow

  • Virtualized DOCSIS connector
  • Evolution to SDN  

AXOS OFx: Are you ready to adapt CORD and ONOS?

  • Plug and play with CORD
  • Integrate with ON.Lab architecture  

AXOS - Access Without Limits

Hear Shane Eleniak's perspective on how to prepare for a software driven world.

"We thought we needed a radically different approach – that’s what led us to envision software defined access, giving you the right-sized compute in the right form factor – from the data center edge to the subscriber edge – all running AXOS. That vision is now a reality - AXOS allows a service provider to deliver all services on a single, elastic, converged access network that is always on."


– Calix, Shane Eleniak, Executive Vice President, Products


Calix Executive Vice President, Products discusses AXOS – the only true SDA architecture –  challenges the industry to be ready for a software driven world that uses analytics to drive business decisions and reduces OPEX while increasing service velocity through automation. 


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