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Internet for apartments

A managed service solution for a new generation of multifamily housing

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should provide dependable internet services to Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) and apartments. By offering the proper connectivity, Wi-Fi solutions for apartments and MDUs can bring significant benefits to an ISP.

High-Speed Internet for Apartments

Benefits and features

Why ISPs must provide internet for apartments and MDUs

New markets for residential ISPs

ISPs that previously focused on just single-family homes can grow their business faster by exploring Wi-Fi solutions for apartments and internet for MDU.

Streamlined network installs

Concentrated living spaces facilitate more efficient installation processes. ISPs can streamline installations and maintenance, reducing complex operations.

Save costs on infrastructure

ISPs can provide internet solutions for apartment complexes and mixed residential and commercial spaces, saving on infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Technology details

Meet high demand with internet for apartments

Apartment Wi-Fi solutions designed specifically for the unique living situation of multiple dwelling units offer ISPs the chance to win and keep loyal customers. Residents are more likely to stay with an ISP that meets demand for internet for apartments. By pivoting away from only offering residential Wi-Fi and internet options, smart ISPs can lead the charge into new markets—and increase customer acquisition and retention. A reliable, high-speed network with network security and value-added solutions will help ISPs beat the competition and grow revenue faster.

ISPs that tailor internet for apartments can bundle other technologies with apartment and MDU internet solutions. Add smart home automation, network security, device protection, parental controls, and home security to apartment Wi-Fi and MDU internet. Not only will customers appreciate the value-added solutions, it’s also much easier to deploy across a single building—making an ISP the preferred choice for an entire complex. With specialized internet for apartments, ISPs can bundle technologies together as they provide enriching community services and long-lasting value.

ISPs that offer Wi-Fi for apartments and MDU internet establish themselves as go-to internet providers for those in multi-unit housing. As preferred apartment Wi-Fi solutions providers, ISPs can differentiate themselves in competitive markets and grow revenue faster than by solely focusing on single-family homes. Internet for MDU and apartments can help an ISP tap into a high-demand market with return on investment that’s often quick to see. For ISPs that want to gain a competitive advantage, internet for apartments is a smart opportunity to expand upon existing networks.


Connecting MDU building technology to MDU business model success

SmartMDU, a managed service available exclusively for service providers, delivers platform-driven innovation for service providers, tenants, and property managers.

Management Systems Integration

By integrating Calix Cloud systems, property managers and service providers can significantly enhance their operational efficiencies. With real-time visibility into network data and analytics, Calix Cloud systems offer unparalleled insights into network performance, enabling property managers and service providers to proactively identify and address issues before they impact subscribers.

Community-wide managed Wi-Fi

By providing a personalized Wi-Fi experience to tenants within their units and throughout the property, property managers can ensure a higher level of tenant satisfaction. With a reliable and fast Wi-Fi network, tenants can enjoy seamless connectivity, whether they are streaming movies or working from home. This can also improve retention rates and attract new renters who prioritize a technology-forward lifestyle.

Tenant broadband services automation

By automating instant tenant services and upgrades, you can eliminate truck rolls for on-site visits for routine operations. This means you can save time and resources while still providing your tenants with efficient and high-quality services. This not only improves tenant satisfaction but also helps you to streamline your operations and increase your overall efficiency.

IoT and Security Networks

In order to cater to the needs of both the tenants and the building infrastructure, it is important to implement a shared Wi-Fi system. This allows for efficient use of resources and ensures that everyone has access to reliable internet connectivity. Building owners can reduce costs and simplify management while tenants can enjoy seamless internet connectivity without the hassle of setting up their own networks.

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