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Public Wi-Fi

High-Capacity public Wi-Fi for entire communities

Community Wi-Fi offers connectivity across an entire area, including town squares, streets, office buildings, event centers, schools, hospitals, and first responder buildings.

With community broadband, you can ensure everyone gets access to a reliable network—even if they’re on-the-go.

Public Wi-Fi

Offer the best

You deserve more than traditional public Wi-Fi

High-capacity network coverage

Community Wi-Fi is only as good as its network. With a high-capacity network, you can offer strong coverage across your entire community.

Authenticated community Wi-Fi

Streamline Wi-Fi access with pre-authentication for community Wi-Fi users. Users no longer need to find and authenticate a network every visit.

Safe, secure community internet

With Wi-Fi that expands this far, it’s crucial to offer the latest network security and content filtering so that users aren’t susceptible to attacks.


Public Wi-Fi for everyone, everywhere, and all the time

As students access Wi-Fi for schools, they need a reliable network that’s stable, trusted, and robust. Don’t cut any corners when it comes to community Wi-Fi, especially at schools. It’s critical that internet for school students stays up and running—no matter what.
Reliable broadband for schools ensures that everyone can access the information they need, from homework to administrative records. No student should be forced to access Wi-Fi off campus or struggle with bad internet connectivity. Ensure that your community gets the best internet for education.

Whether it’s at school, on main street, at mobile health clinics, or simply for visitors stopping by a café, community broadband offers the same high-speed, reliable connection that users have come to expect at home.
Foster a sense of community by providing public Wi-Fi across your entire footprint and support the connectivity that brings people together—wherever they may roam. It doesn’t matter if expensive 5G/LTE bandwidth is available or not. Community internet is designed to enable access anywhere you need.

When more people in your serving area can stay connected through public Wi-Fi, more is possible for the local economy and shared spaces that enrich communities. Small businesses, first responders, and other critical organizations can experience unrivaled Wi-Fi speed and reliability to access the digital information they need—and keep your community thriving.
Shared spaces like libraries, parks, event centers, and downtowns can also benefit from public Wi-Fi, enabling visitors and citizens to quickly hop on the internet.

Deliver an exceptional subscriber experience ​

Go beyond traditional public Wi-Fi services

Community Wi-Fi has been around for years, but it has never been an optimal experience for service providers and their subscribers. How can you successfully go beyond traditional community-wide Wi-Fi?

Build a better solution:

  • High-capacity network with community-wide coverage ​
  • Authenticated, but easy for your subscribers to join​
  • Safe and secure, but non-intrusive​
  • Flexible monetization and low capital investment

No limitations

Managed Wi-Fi shouldn’t stop at the front door​

Your subscribers need and deserve the same great experience they have in their homes, wherever their day takes them.​

For subscribers

With community-wide Wi-Fi, you can provide your customers with uninterrupted access to your internet network, no matter where they are in your service area. This means that they can connect to your network even when they are out and about, without the need for a separate data plan.

By offering community-wide Wi-Fi, you can extend your brand and your service to a wider audience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

For students and educators

Empower students and educators with uninterrupted access to community-wide connectivity, no matter where their day takes them. This will not only enhance their learning experience but also foster a sense of collaboration and a community of learners.

Expand coverage by optionally joining the global eduroam Wi-Fi roaming alliance where available to allow users to seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi networks across different institutions and countries.

For organizations

Keeping organizations connected beyond the front door and across your footprint sets your communities up for success. Organizations can enhance their reach, productivity and impact, which can lead to greater success for the communities they serve.

Enable first responders, plus municipal, private, and non-profit organizations to leverage Wi-Fi on-the-go across the city, within their housing associations, and everywhere people work, learn, and play.​

For visitors

To foster a strong sense of community and promote social interaction, it's essential to provide easy and free access to the internet. By offering Wi-Fi in public spaces like downtown areas, community centers, and libraries, people can stay connected and engaged with their surroundings.

This also extends to events, where attendees can connect and share their experiences in real-time. By providing this service, it shows a commitment to the community and promotes inclusivity.

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