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Protect your most vulnerable subscribers when they are online, anywhere


Service providers can protect children from cyberbullying and online dangers

37 percent of teens report having experienced cyberbullying, but only 10 percent tell a parent. BSPs can help families thwart cyberbullying and self-harm situations by offering Bark. It monitors a child's texts, emails, and more than 30 applications.

Product Details

What subscribers can do with Bark

Comprehensive content monitoring for parents

Bark’s content monitoring helps keep kids safe by sending alerts about potential issues. It scans texts, emails, and 30+ popular apps and social media platforms for issues like bullying, online predators, suicidal ideation, and sexual content.

Bark alert on smart phone

Set screen time boundaries

Bark lets a parent set screen time rules that work for their child’s needs. Use Bark’s screen time app to set screen time rules, limit a child’s tech use, and create custom schedules for how and when they can use their devices.

Bark schedule app screenshot

Website blocking for families

Bark puts the parent in the driver’s seat when it comes to website blocking. The web filter lets a parent select what their child can access on their devices. It can block specific sites or even whole categories like online gaming, sexual content.

Bark’s location sharing features

Bark makes location sharing simple with three different ways to keep track of your child — a real-time map, customizable location alerts, and check-ins. Enter in frequently visited spots and get automatic alerts whenever you child arrives or leaves.

Empower subscribers with home network controls

ExperienceIQ® allows subscribers to easily create online rules for the users and devices in their home networks. It prioritizes the applications and devices that access Wi-Fi, protects children from inappropriate content, and sets time limits for them.

Benefits and features

See what Bark can do for you

Go to market quickly

Launch Bark simply with minimal integration requirements and market activation support.

Offer peace of mind

Subscribers can rest assured that their families are safe, all thanks to the value-added service you offer them.

Get high return with low risk

There are no market research or development costs to you, but your business will benefit from growing revenue and improving customer retention.

Market activation

Tools and content to market Bark

Grow your business by increasing your marketing effectiveness

Built by service provider marketers for service providers, the Calix Market Activation program combines award winning creative and real-world marketing programs built exclusively for subscribers.

News and insights

How Bark works

Built by parents for parents, Bark is a parental control app that helps subscribers stay on top of all the devices and apps their kids use daily to help protect them from cyberbullying, predators, violence, sexual content, depression, and more.

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Feb 28, 2024 | 4 min
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