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Calix Engagement Cloud

Engage and acquire subscribers with insights that enable you to deliver the experiences they want


Unlock insights to engage with your subscribers and prospects at every touchpoint

Calix Engagement Cloud is an advanced data and insights engine, uniquely created for broadband providers, that simplifies the end-to-end subscriber engagement journey. Engagement Cloud will enable you to acquire, retain and satisfy your subscribers with ease. 

Calix Engagement Cloud

Product details

Transform how you engage

Generate unprecedented insights

Simplify subscriber acquisition to grow your base

Whether you are going after homes passed, planning where to build, or creating solutions for businesses in your community, Calix Engagement Cloud equips you with the demographic and geographic insights you need to guide business decisions.

Excite subscribers and boost revenue

Deliver new experiences your subscribers want

With powerful subscriber insights at your fingertips, in an easy-to-use dashboard, you can align subscribers with offers that resonate and identify those that are most likely to adopt new services.

Keep your most valuable subscribers

Proactively engage with subscribers at-risk

Churn prediction capabilities in Calix Engagement Cloud allows you to see a list of subscribers that you’re at risk of losing. You can uncover what’s happening at an individual subscriber level and quickly take action.

Awards and recognition

Industry awards and recognition

Benefits and features

Deliver engaging campaigns that resonate and boost ROI

Advanced data and insights

Analyze subscriber trends and make smarter business decisions with  subscriber experience, demographic and geographic insights.

Audience based segmentation

Identify distinct audience segments (gamers, work-from-homers, etc.) to better engage with your subscribers and deliver messages that resonate.

Persona themed profiles

Get to know your subscribers and prospects.  See the demographic and psychographic attributes that define them and engage them managed service offers to grow your business.

Campaign automation

Elevate broadband experience for subscribers reaching trigger-based thresholds. Proactively engage with them to offer new solutions or services to meet their need.

Best-in-class integrations

Simplify workflows and execute campaigns with ease. Calix Engagement Cloud is integrated with Constant Contact, Facebook, Hubspot, and Mailchimp.

Performance tracking

Track campaign performance, adoption of managed services, revenue growth, acquisition trends and more.  Access the analytics you need to monitor ROI.

Technical specifications

Calix Engagement Cloud

Engagement cloud interface and dashboard


Revenue driver

Increase take-rate and hit revenue goals. Calix Engagement Cloud provides insights into service adoption trends, allowing you to easily find subscribers with a high propensity to adopt new service offers.

Built-in intelligence

Identify valuable subscriber trends and leverage analytics to guide your business decisions. Calix Engagement Cloud is built with machine learning, automatically processing data that gives you the insights you need.

Audience based segmentation

Create your own or leverage recommended audience segments. Calix Engagement Cloud helps you ensure that you are delivering the right message to the right segment of subscribers or prospects.

Calix engagement cloud insights
For your subscribers

Imagine if you could leverage a pre-loaded list of your work-from-home subscribers to send them details about a new Wi-Fi package that might appeal to them. Or if you could identify prospects in your existing service area that are technology innovators likely to sign up for new broadband service. You can do just that by using powerful subscriber experience insights along with demographic, psychographic, and geographic data.

Subscriber experience insights in Calix Engagement Cloud show how subscribers are using your network and adopting your service offers. This can reveal use cases and patterns that are invaluable to marketers, including: 

  • Extreme gaming habits  
  • Heavy use of remote work applications (video conferencing, collaboration) 
  • Device-rich households with more than 20 connected devices  
  • Churn risk
For prospects

What if you could take what you know about your subscribers and find lookalike audiences in homes passed in your existing service area? How about executing a campaign that speaks directly to specific prospects? 

Two types of data in particular offer powerful insights into your community, and how specific audiences will use your network:

  • Demographic data in Calix Engagement Cloud provides statistical socio-economic information about populations or groups within populations. 

  • Psychographic data in Calix Engagement Cloud offers information about a particular population’s lifestyle, technology habits, and propensity to adopt new services.

News and insights

Stay informed with the latest

Acquire new subscribers and deliver new services

In this short demo video, learn how Engagement Cloud can help you simplify your marketing, excite subscribers with new services and grow your business.

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Case studies

Customer successes

OEC Fiber transforms subscriber acquisition and boosts campaign results by 55 percent
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CTC grows ARPU by 16 percent and adds $325,000 in customer lifetime value
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Jade Communications leads with amazing experiences, growing ARPU by 90 percent
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