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Comprehensive solution to address the ever expanding connected-home needs of your residential subscribers.

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See SmartHome in action

SmartHome creates real business value for the BSP by setting them apart from the competition, fueling customer acquisition and market share growth, increasing ARPU, improving customer retention, and increasing NPS.

Product details

The same great experience at home—now on-the-go

Family and friends

Protect subscribers’ families and homes, support their careers, and bring exciting entertainment. Service providers can you deliver unmatched experiences and gain the competitive advantage you deserve.​

Safe and secure​
Worry-less about cyber security from malware and viruses.​

Managed Wi-Fi​
Managed Wi-Fi that is safe, secure, authenticated, and delivered by a trusted source enabling value-based tailored experiences​.

Content controls​
Personalized content controls, application priorities, and network security with customizable local service provider brand identification.

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Work from home

Subscribers want connectivity that is differentiated based on their specific needs. Work from Home professionals are no different.  Safe and secure managed Wi-Fi with advanced content controls exceeds subscriber needs. ​​

Managed Wi-Fi​
Prioritize devices and applications to ensure a seamless work from home experience keeping your most important devices online.​

Network security​
Secure and safe connectivity on your home network protecting you from cyber security threats – malware and viruses. ​

Personalized experience​
Create long-lasting and deep relationships with subscribers with advanced content controls, safe and secure network security. 

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Wi-Fi essentials

Simple network intrusion protection with advanced content control for every subscriber its what they deserve.

Safe and secure​
Simple network intrusion protection advanced content control for every subscriber they deserve. ​

Value based offer​
Offer value-based offer that include mobile app, content controls, and network security that’s simple and easy to use. ​

Simple managed Wi-Fi​
Easy to manage and support connectivity to what matters most with safe and secure access.  Easily manage content, profiles, and reduce cyber security threats such as malware and viruses.

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Outdoor lifestyle

Enjoy the outdoors and stay connected - if it's by the pool, in the shed, or on the patio easily extend your safe and secure managed Wi-Fi experience with ease.

Extended coverage​
Wi-Fi indoor or outdoor, no problem. With GigaSpire systems you have access to all the great services inside the home or outside. 

Safe and secure​
Advanced network intrusion protection, advanced content control for every subscriber outdoors. ​

Managed Wi-Fi​
Simple to manage and easy to deploy outdoor Wi-Fi that’s expected by your subscribers while they are enjoying their outdoor living. 

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Benefits and features

Launch SmartHome—it’s simple to deploy, manage, and scale

Created to provide your subscribers with a differentiated experience. SmartHome provides a mobile application, network security, advanced content controls, and support tools for BSPs to fulfill their subscriber needs.

Safe and secure

Trusted residential Wi-Fi with advanced content control and network security


Quick to deploy, manage, and support with Calix Cloud


Deliver a subscriber experience that drives satisfaction—reducing support costs and increasing revenue

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Succeeding where others haven't

Target Audiences and Deliver Value Based Campaigns

Calix helps guide service providers with strategic offering approaches that are value-based and data-driven to differentiate your brand and fuel revenue growth. 

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GVTC increases Arlo subscriptions by 16X in eleven months with an innovative marketing strategy.

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