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MSO/Cable Operator (MSO)

Transform your customers’ broadband experience

Cable operators ranging from small, rural operators to large providers serving millions have been broadband pioneers for decades serving communities over HFC networks. Partner with Calix to deliver a differentiated subscriber experience over any underlying technology.

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Cable operators face challenges determining their long-term network strategy from legacy coax

Increased competition

It's difficult effectively competing against fiber overbuilders encroaching on your markets and retaining your loyal subscribers.

Aging HFC infrastructure

You’re challenged to keep up with subscriber demands and increased competition while reactively responding to issues.

Network visibility limitations

Without a complete view of your network and subscribers, it's tough to identify areas for improvement or make informed decisions.


Differentiate on subscriber experience regardless of your underlying technology

Intelligent Access EDGE redefines how the subscriber-facing network is provisioned, monitored, and managed allowing you to provide the seamless reliability and quality your subscribers deserve. Whether you are upgrading a legacy network or building a new one, Intelligent Access EDGE has all the building blocks you need to build, automate, and scale your operations.

DPx enables seamless integration with an operator’s existing DOCSIS OSS, allowing operators to simultaneously support both coax and fiber systems.

Provide your subscribers the best Wi-Fi experience on either HFC or Fiber or both while reducing support costs—only with Calix.

Turn broadband operations into a subscriber experience differentiator with automated notifications and workflows.

Case Studies

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Cable operator market perspectives


Powering the plant

As subscribers continue to demand more and more network bandwidth, operators of hybrid-fiber-coax (HFC) networks have some big decisions to make. Should they upgrade their plant to a next-generation HFC architecture, or deploy a fiber to the home (FTTH) architecture leveraging passive optical networks (PONs)?

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Solutions to help you differentiate regardless of your underlying technology