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Simplify customer support operations. Deliver service excellence.

Streamline support processes and optimize operations to provide seamless, efficient service that keeps subscribers satisfied and loyal. Build a culture of excellence across your organization to create a reputation for exceptional service.

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Challenges facing broadband customer support today

Limited visibility

Frontline support teams face the growing challenge of limited visibility into the home network as it becomes the broadband bottleneck, with 60 percent of all broadband service calls being Wi-Fi related, 10–15 percent of issues requiring multiple calls for resolution, and 20–30 percent of routers needlessly returned.

Shifting expectations

Support teams struggle to meet subscriber expectations because the information they need to do their jobs and deliver a seamless experience is held in multiple disparate systems—some of which they might not have access to.

Subscriber churn

Service providers have some of the lowest NPS of any industry and an average churn rate of 22 percent. Internet service providers are ranked lowest in customer satisfaction among 45 different industries, with satisfaction levels continuing to decline year after year.

Increasing complexity

New offerings with multi-gig speeds and high demand network performance require service validation. Support teams struggle with the complexity of multiple tools and data to assure the subscriber experience while keeping efficiency and cost in check.

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Scale customer support and deliver an exceptional subscriber experience

Subscribers want services personalized to their connected lifestyles and support to match. This expectation is amplified by increasing fiber buildouts coupled with more access to an array of connected devices. Support teams must keep pace to deliver service excellence for this demand or risk falling behind.

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