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FCC performance testing

Eliminate your FCC performance testing compliance risk

Regulatory bodies such as the FCC have mandated that service providers using certain funding sources put all the necessary equipment, systems and procedures in place to enable performance testing and start reporting their results on a regular basis

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FCC performance testing is here, and the stakes are high


United States federal funding for broadband deployment project requires rigorous performance testing.

Testing framework

A testing framework is needed to successfully meet speed and latency requirements.


BSPs must successfully complete this testing or risk losing up to 25% of funding.

Get it right the first time

FCC Performance Testing: Your Playbook For Success

Prepare for your performance testing and reporting by understanding:

  • Key steps on your FCC testing journey
  • Understand your deadlines and penalties
  • Best practices for successful performance testing
  • Broadband performance testing with industry experts 
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