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Leading the way to a better future

Our sustainability promise to you

We are committed to a sustainable business future for Calix, our customers and the communities they serve, through products, services and business practices that are environmentally, socially and financially responsible.

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Sustainability news and insights from Calix

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Calix Vision

A sustainable business future begins with us

The most sustainable broadband platform

We focus on three main principles when building, managing, and maintaining sustainable networks: durability, efficiency, and recyclability. By prioritizing these principles, Calix aims to reduce overall network footprints, including the space, power, and cooling resources required.  ​

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Culture and social impact
Driving change where we operate and beyond

We are committed to creating a positive impact by leveraging our resources, expertise, and network to address pressing societal challenges. We believe by working together we can be a change agent that transforms communities for the better.

​We will achieve this by promoting community outreach, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and a positive work culture.​

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Sustainable supply chain
Delivering sustainability at every step

To pave the way toward a more sustainable future, we’re creating transparency throughout our supply network. Through our people, planet, and partners we will:

  • Provide leadership in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance to achieve the highest standards.
  • Gain insights into opportunities to be more sustainable and lead suppliers to participate and improve through continuous ESG assessments.
  • Grow the sustainability culture through continuous employee training and awareness campaigns. 

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Sustainable enterprise
Creating a sustainable workplace and IT Infrastructure​

Our commitments to reduction of greenhouse gases and improvements in Calix employees’ quality of life include:

  • Employees gain greater quality of life with greater flexibility and less time commuting, resulting in less carbon emission.
  • Ergonomic, energy-efficient provided by Calix includes home office furniture, IT equipment, including high quality monitors and monitors arms, and laptops requiring less power than desktop machines.
  • Data centers are designed efficiently, including moving more systems off-premises and to the cloud allows for less energy consumption and removal of less efficient legacy systems.
  • The environmental impact of office space leased is lessened by our work-from-anywhere culture and commitment to LEED building design standards.
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Sustainable partnership
A partner BSPs can trust

To help our customers build their value in the communities they serve, we serve as a predictable, reliable partner who treats their data with the utmost care. We understand that our customers have a choice in who to partner with, which is why we have built business models to ensure that we grow value and success together.


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To us, being customer-focused means being sustainability-focused


We believe serving our customers with sustainable products and practices can help further their own environmental, social and financial commitments


We believe that a positive workplace culture is a force for strong sustainability practices, within Calix's and our customers' communities


We believe that our green technological innovation and responsible corporate practices make for a more sustainable tomorrow

While helping our customers build green broadband networks, we’re also doing our own part

We have consolidated all of our labs into one, enabling our workforce to access essential equipment—from anywhere.

This has enabled us to:

  • Eliminate one office building
  • Reduce the footprint of four other office buildings
  • Reduce power consumption of our facilities by 3 million Kilowatts of power per year or 52% of our previous usage
  • Eliminate the impacts of commutes on our environment

Milestones of progress

Awards and recognition