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Integration and Testing Sandbox

Dramatically improve the economics of new services introduction with this virtual environment


Build, test and integrate your SDA network up to 70 percent faster with AXOS® Sandbox

AXOS Sandbox provides virtual instances of AXOS systems to dramatically improve service introduction by reducing the time needed for lab testing, BSS and OSS integration, and software certification.

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Product details

One software platform for many hardware systems

Operator DevOps

  • Streamline OSS/BSS and orchestration integration
  • Rapid service prototyping—create MOPs before having physical product
  • Replace physical lab equipment
fiber optics

Operator Tech Dev and Network Planning

  • Start lab evaluation earlier by eliminating rack and stack tasks
  • Engage early in Calix development cycle prior to product availability.
  • Model network in the lab prior to deployment.
  • Field tech and network operations training
  • Model network in the lab prior to deployment
fiber optics

Benefits and features

Meet your new “LabTop"

No additional hardware needed

Simply download virtual network elements to your laptop and start using.

Anybody, anywhere

Everybody has 24 X 7 access to the virtual lab no matter where they are.

Scale seamlessly

Software instances can be instantiated on the fly for seamlessly scaling with the test requirements.

Very efficient

No additional space, equipment, racking, power and cooling needed.

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