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Oct 19, 2021
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Calix Arms Broadband Service Providers To Drive Subscriber Acquisition, Create Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities, and Generate Breakthrough Growth With Calix Marketing Cloud Professional Edition

SAN JOSE, CA – October 19, 2021 Building on a decade of investment in the Intelligent Access EDGE and Revenue EDGE platforms to deliver an unrivalled pace of broadband innovation, Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) introduced Calix Marketing Cloud Professional Edition at its ConneXions conference in Las Vegas. This new edition of Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud) is a significant leap forward for broadband service provider (BSP) marketing capabilities. These new capabilities evolve the value of existing turnkey capabilities of Marketing Cloud in the Revenue EDGE platform, which already features integrations with Mailchimp and Facebook, with HubSpot integration soon to come. Marketing Cloud Professional Edition combines rich behavioral data specific to the broadband industry with world-class demographic data encompassing data from 122 million U.S. households with insights like age, family composition, and technology adoption rates. Marketing Cloud Professional Edition will set the standard for the broadband industry by integrating 10 major lifestyle groups and 53 syndicated audience personas built from over 10,000 demographic and behavioral attributes. Armed with these insights, BSPs marketers can create a real-time, 360-degree view of any current and potential subscriber. In addition, BSPs can use Marketing Cloud Professional Edition to plan any new network buildouts with insights regarding prospects and their propensity to buy high-margin services.

This new, purpose-built offering will enable BSPs to prioritize new market expansions and arm BSPs with intelligence to drive new subscriber acquisition even before the network is deployed. Only Calix Marketing Cloud Professional Edition combines both behavioral and demographic data so that marketers can:

  • Identify and acquire new subscribers to grow their business. By leveraging behavioral and demographics data, marketers can develop a 360-degree view of customers and prospects to better understand their needs. Marketers can use this insight to build targeted campaigns that are highly effective for acquiring net new subscribers. Rather than ineffective “spray and pray” tactics, BSPs can strategically carry out acquisition campaigns that maximize spend and yield the highest return. This will enable marketers to seamlessly find the right subscribers and grow their business.
  • Prioritize planning for future network builds. Marketers can partner with network planners to identify future subscribers with the highest propensity to buy in their current serving area and new geographies. Armed with Marketing Cloud Professional Edition, BSPs can manage new buildout expenses more effectively while prioritizing the fiber builds that will yield the highest and fastest return on investment (ROI). Once the buildout is complete, marketers can focus acquisition campaigns on the subscribers who most closely match their existing highest-value customer profiles.
  • Implement cross-sell and upsell campaigns to drive revenue and increase ARPU. Using the powerful combination of demographics and behavioral data, marketers can craft high-impact campaigns that maximize subscriber lifetime value. For example, a marketer can pair a behavioral insight like bandwidth usage with demographic intelligence such as age and professional status to run a managed Wi-Fi upsell campaign with matching lifestyle imagery. For a cross-sell campaign, marketers could identify whether a subscriber has adopted the CommandIQ® mobile app—and merge that insight with a demographic insight regarding family composition to launch targeted campaigns featuring offers for ExperienceIQ, which offers parental controls.

Thanks to the built-in ROI dashboards and integrations with major marketing platforms like Mailchimp and HubSpot, Calix Marketing Cloud Professional Edition will continuously measure results and monitor campaign effectiveness automatically via artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This end-to-end view of each campaign will allow marketers to adjust their strategies for new and current fiber build-outs.

“We are excited to take advantage of Marketing Cloud Professional Edition, featuring robust, proprietary audience intelligence data. This enhanced platform will be essential in helping us identify the best prospects, market more precisely to them, and drive even better ROI as we continue to grow our business,” said Jordan Wehe, marketing director at Jade Communications. “Calix is always rolling out solutions with the future in mind. By incorporating leading marketing technology platforms and data sources, Calix is truly setting their customers up for marketing—and business—success. As our business grows it is critical for us to have this additional insight to help us control our cost of acquisition, and ensure we are bringing on the right subscribers that will provide increased customer lifetime value.”

This major announcement represents the most significant step forward for Marketing Cloud since it was launched nearly five years ago.

“Demographics data is key for marketing success, but it’s just one piece of the marketing puzzle,” said Matt Collins, executive vice president of commercial operations and chief marketing officer at Calix. “When paired with contextual behavioral data that only Calix provides, BSPs can capture a completely new view of subscriber buying patterns that is unique in the industry. Marketers can now achieve the holy grail of marketing—an audience automation engine that drives simple, yet powerful execution. The ability to segment at this level will ensure the right marketing campaigns reach the right subscribers. With this announcement, broadband marketing teams of any size can secure impressive ROI from their campaign investments and successfully beat the consumer-direct giants to win subscribers' hearts and minds.” 

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