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EDGE Suites

Your subscribers can now manage,
automate, and secure their home network

Building on the Revenue EDGE foundation,
launch new suites from a growing ecosystem of partners​

EDGE Suites

Your subscribers can now manage,
automate, and secure their home network

Building on the Revenue EDGE foundation,
launch new suites from a growing ecosystem of partners​

EDGE Suites

With the Revenue EDGE as your foundation, you are ready to launch valuable applications to your subscribers.

Through a growing ecosystem of partners, provide subscribers with applications that help manage, automate and secure their network. These applications are deployed using the Calix EXOS software platform and are available to subscribers with the CommandIQ™ mobile app.

These first two Calix EDGE Suites are: ProtectIQ™ and ExperienceIQ

​Home network protection to prevent malicious activity



Deliver home network protection that provides peace of mind​

Home networks can be the target of cyberattacks, random probing for vulnerabilities and unprotected devices. ​

ProtectIQ™ provides subscribers:

  • Malicious website protection, anti-virus and anti-ransomware packet inspection, and intrusion detection.​
  • ​Traffic monitoring that automatically blocks anything that looks suspicious coming into the home.
  • Notifications—subscribers using the CommandIQ™ mobile app will receive notifications when content is blocked—and you'll receive the credit for keeping their home protected.

Enhanced parental controls take your service to the next level​



Give subscribers control of their online experience​

​Subscribers want the ability to manage the content, applications and websites by device connected to their home network. ​

ExperienceIQ™ provides subscribers:

  • Enhanced parental controls that give them the ability to enforce the rules they’ve established for their home.
  • Family profile tools to manage the content and hours of use for each connected device in the home.
  • Easy management through the CommandIQ™ mobile app. Subscribers will be less likely to call their service provider's help desk.​
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CommandIQ ™ App

Control at your subscribers' fingertips

The CommandIQ™ App, powered by EXOS, is a critical empowerment tool for the subscriber experience. A simple 5-step onboarding process allows your customers to see devices connected to the home network, set-up a guest network for visitors, implement profiles to toggle devices off/on, control devices and more!


How does it work?

The CommandIQ™ App requires EXOS and works with both GigaCenter and GigaSpire systems

To experience the CommandIQ™ App, pair it with the Calix GigaSpire or GigaCenter and EXOS to get started today.


Turn the subscriber edge into your Revenue EDGE

Deploy the new services of today and the future

Learn more about the Revenue EDGE foundation.