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For Customer Experience Leaders

Simplify subscriber self-service ​

Intuitive design provides simple self-service capabilities and easy to follow navigation and messaging so that subscribers can manage their connected home. New built-in support material, displayed through information icons on various screens within the app, guide subscribers and address questions to help them set their optimal experience. You benefit from fewer support calls and high subscriber satisfaction.

Consumer friendly design​

UX/UI design features a “people, places and things” dashboard and helps subscribers simply identify and communicate service issues to you so that you can assist them quickly and easily.​


Another tool for your KPI toolkit, the app helps you drive alignment around the metrics that matter most, such as reducing inbound support calls, increasing service adoption and growing revenue.  ​


Calix Cloud integration allows you to validate service-related issues and resolve most fixes without a truck roll. New in-app WPS button enables you to view the status of mesh satellites and better assist subscriber setup.

Cost-effective communication channel ​

Easily share updates, send alerts and guidance directly to your subscribers. New centralized notifications let subscribers easily find alerts and information about their home network.


CommandIQ® helps you reduce most support related calls and trucks rolls by giving subscribers the ability to monitor and manage their network performance, controlling network access and performance, defining user profiles—all from their mobile device. 

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Are you ready to take your brand to the next level?

Expand your brand and upskill your team to succeed


Mobile notifications

In-app messaging and push notifications are significantly more likely to be opened than traditional communication channels. The Mobile Notification feature from Calix Marketing Cloud enables you to ​​segment subscribers and send a push notification directly to the app and to your subscribers’ hand. ​

Automated mobile notifications let you leverage machine learning to automatically generate micro-segments of your subscribers and target them with automatic offers and messages based on their actual needs and behaviors.​

CommandIQ Premier Personalization​ Service

Want to personalize the app even further? Calix Professional Services can modify the app to give you a more personalized experience for your subscribers. You can better showcase your brand on more pages within the app or we can help you to develop and host your own version of the app in app stores.  ​


"We want to enable our customers to have the value they see in our brand in the palm of their hand. We made the app personal for us. We wanted to have our customers keep our brand top of mind.”

—Jason Wille, CMO Range


Grow your value and enable new experiences

With CommandIQ® in place, you are ready to launch new services that your subscribers truly value, and that value is proven to improve subscriber retention and lifetime value. EDGE Suites are provided through a growing ecosystem of partners and enable you to give subscribers the power to manage, automate and secure their network.  ​


Give subscribers control of their online experience, including the ability to block specific content, applications and websites, set time and day limits for online access, and view usage information.


Equip your subscribers with an extra layer of protection with tools that keep their home network safer by blocking viruses, malware and malicious websites from all connected devices in their home.

Arlo Secure

Simply and easily offer your subscribers the ultimate connected home experience as a managed service with Arlo’s market leading connected camera solution and the power of insight from Calix.​

Looking to become even more relevant to your subscribers?

Place your brand in the palm of their hand

United Communications achieves NPS of +72 by exciting subscribers with Revenue EDGE

“The Revenue EDGE helps us deliver a world-class, premium managed Wi-Fi experience to rural and previously underserved Tennesseans that rivals that of their urban counterparts, exciting our subscribers.“

Josh Lynch, chief customer officer of United Communications

GVTC achieves Net Promoter Score of +44 with Calix Revenue EDGE rivaling the best brands in the world

"We know that our customers care deeply about their in-home experience, which is why we invested early with Calix in the Wi-Fi 6 GigaSpire and the Revenue EDGE—to provide the best experience possible on our world-class Calix fiber network."

—Ritchie Sorrells, president and CEO at GVTC

STRATA Networks drives a 60 percent increase in adoption of their branded CommandIQ® mobile app

“Fast, reliable connectivity into and throughout the home was just the start, but to grow our business, we need to continue to differentiate our offering by making the in-home broadband experience unbeatable. With the simplicity of the mobile app and value-adds of full network security and management offerings, Calix delivers everything we need to continue to excite our members and grow our business.”​

—Bruce Todd, CEO for STRATA Networks

Silver Star Communications gears up to successfully compete with consumer giants

With a robust 74 percent adoption rate of its subscriber-facing mobile application, the regional Wyoming CSP is owning the subscriber relationship by delivering the Ultimate Wi-Fi experience and differentiating customer-service with the latest and most popular subscriber-facing services and apps.


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