Are you able to relax while the network does the work?

Turn the Access EDGE
into your competitive edge

Are you able to relax while the network does the work?

Turn the Access EDGE
into your competitive edge

The Intelligent Access Edge

Enabling service providers to simplify and automate
the operation of their network

It all starts with with a simplified network architecture that reduces the number of elements to provision, manage and maintain. By simplifying the network you can easily automate it, reducing your cost to operate the network enabling you to focus on growing your business. 


Learn from our customers

Cedar Falls Utilities crowned fastest internet in the United States according to PCMag

Industry takes notice as northern Iowa municipal broadband provider leverages Calix AXOS to connect subscribers to unmatched symmetrical bandwidth. With a simplified 10G fiber to the home (FTTH) network built on the Calix AXOS® platform, CFU has been an Intelligent Access EDGE trailblazer, delivering symmetrical Gigabit service since 2013.

Expansion in sight as critical broadband is delivered across rural Arkansas

Electric cooperative, South Central Connect, is laying the foundation to embrace everyPON as it prepares to spark economic recovery by expanding into surrounding underserved communities.

IMU Fiber makes working from home viable on broadband services

The local utility has been turning up subscribers rapidly and cost effectively with the AXOS Intelligent Access EDGE solution. IMU Fiber is leveraging the E7-2 Intelligent Modular System and Services Management Connector (SMx) to dramatically simplify their network operations while creating a clear upgrade path to 10G PON as network demand continues to grow.

Eurofiber drives next-generation fiber broadband across northern Europe

Open access service provider embraces the Intelligent Access EDGE and everyPON to deploy a simplified, next-generation network across the region.


Can your network keep up with tomorrow's, and even today’s applications?


The last network you'll ever need

5G, AR/VR, Cloud Gaming,  and Telemedicine are just examples of what is and will continue to challenge your network. Watch this video to learn more about what you can do to get ahead of these new applications and reduce operations expenses by up to 40 percent. 


BrightRidge talks about how AXOS is simplifying their deployments

AXOS and the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System are enabling BrightRidge to roll out their new 1G and 10G services faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Simplify your operations and accelerate your business

Tackle today’s back office complexity and accelerate your time-to-revenue capabilities

With AXOS, you will benefit from a fully abstracted service layer, hardware independence, common service models and workflows, as well as a stateful, always on operational environment - all of which will dramatically simplify your operations. 


Access Edge Systems

Intelligent Access Edge systems powered by AXOS enable you to deliver services to your subscribers from the data center to the very remote locations of your network with common operational procedures and rapid BSS/OSS integration regardless of the system, location in the network or technology used.

E9-2 Intelligent Edge System

Transform your existing network or build a simplified network and deliver high density services.

E7-2 Intelligent Modular System

Temperature hardened modular system for central office / headend / remote cabinet.

E3-2 Intelligent PON Node

Sealed Remote OLT delivery services without requiring a cabinet.


Access Edge Tools

Enable your operations team to evolve and efficiently
manage your network

Provide all the core functionality that an operations team requires to add new services, improve operational efficiency and assess network performance.  Armed with this tool set, an operations team can manage the full life cycle of their network services.

AXOS Sandbox

Accelerate service delivery, BSS/OSS integration and software certification.

AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox

Reduce truck rolls with your very own virtual technician in the field.

AXOS Software Connectors

Simplify your service provisioning experience and network management capabilities.  


Access Edge Software

Building blocks designed to ensure a simplified network, whether building a new network or transforming an existing network

Routing Protocol module (RPm)

  • Gain visibility into your access network 
  • Provide greater security for your network

Advanced Routing Protocol module (ARm)

  • Bring edge routing including MPLS  into the access network
  • Transform your existing access network to a routed network

Subscriber Management module (SMm)​

  • Consolidate subscriber and services management  closer to the subscriber
  • Simplify network workflows
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Access Edge Insights

Reduce technician intervention by up to 90 percent and network issues up to 50 percent faster

Increase operational control and management

  • Rapid Notification – Proactively solve subscriber impacting problems
  • Alarm Analytics – Empower your operations team with network performance insight
  • Fast Customer service handoff – Streamlined problem resolution
  • Customer Success Manager – Assistance to ensure your success

Access Edge Enablement

Gain years of expertise of developing and building next generation networks so your can reduce your time to revenue

Education Services

Prepare your team to deploy and run next generation networks.

Customer Success Services

Your personal guide to success.

Professional Services

Reduce risk and accelerate your deployment of next generation solutions.


Learn how the Intelligent Access Edge solution power by AXOS simplifies your operations

By combining the unique AXOS software defined attributes and the remote diagnostic capabilities of the AXOS toolbox, you can simplify your operations while eliminating maintenance windows and truck rolls. 

AXOS Architecture

Deliver future proof, always on services over any physical layer.

Reducing network OpEx by simplifying

Learn how you can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of your network.


Take your smarts to the edge

Devices in the subscriber network are getting smarter because processing power has increased, and costs have come down. But how does the proliferation of intelligent devices and new applications at the edge affect your network?


Network Edge Innovation Tech Talks

Learn how to simplify your operations and network and win against the competition in 2020. The 3rd week of every month, join the Calix team and special invited customers as we share strategies to innovate and automate at the Network Edge. We'll share customer experiences, industry trends, information about new technologies and solutions that put you on the path to the autonomous network.


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