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Jul 22, 2021
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SCTelcom Sees Thrilling 95 Percent Take Rates for Home-Network Security Application in Calix Revenue EDGE Suites, Driving a 200 Percent Increase in Adoption of Premium Wi-Fi Service

SAN JOSE, CA – July 22, 2021 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced that SCTelcom is continuing to dramatically transform its business and grow its value with Revenue EDGE. Most recently, SCTelcom achieved an extraordinary 200 percent increase in the adoption of its premium-level managed Wi-Fi package in just seven months and a 95 percent take rate of ProtectIQ®—a value-added EDGE Suites application that secures members’ home networks—only one year after launching. SCTelcom’s formula for success consists of leveraging the full Revenue EDGE solution: bundling ProtectIQ alongside the cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 certified GigaSpire BLAST® system and the cooperative’s newly branded CommandIQ® mobile app, SCT WiFiConnect, into its three tiers of managed Wi-Fi service offerings. SCTelcom then leverages the real-time data insights of Calix Marketing Cloud to identify, segment, and target members based on their usage, resulting in experience-based offerings that excite members across southcentral Kansas and northcentral Oklahoma and drive new, recurring revenue streams.


A longtime Calix customer, SCTelcom began rolling out the full Revenue EDGE solution in 2019 to differentiate its brand and expand into new service territories. Since then, SCTelcom has continued to build on its early and impressive results, and now boasts a 76 percent mobile app attachment rate that gives members everything they need to control their home Wi-Fi experience at their fingertips and provides SCTelcom with a direct and branded communications channel to develop deep and continuous relationships with members. The managed Wi-Fi experience includes the capabilities of ProtectIQ which provides advanced security protection from threats such as malware, ransomware, and other types of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. By bundling ProtectIQ into all three tiers of its managed Wi-Fi service offerings, SCTelcom takes the complexity out of cybersecurity for its members.


A 2020 online survey of more than 1,200 broadband subscribers conducted by Calix, together with global technology analyst and advisory firm MOOR Insights & Strategy, found that most consumers inherently trust their service providers to protect their personal data. Moreover, most respondents identified their service providers as a top choice for home network security solutions.


“We recognize that whole home network security is no longer an option—it’s an absolute requirement as people spend more time working, learning, and entertaining online,” said Carla Shearer, CEO and general manager for SCTelcom. “We chose to include ProtectIQ with all three tiers of our managed Wi-Fi service offerings to differentiate from the competition with a highly sophisticated yet simple to use application that provides peace of mind to our members who are increasingly concerned about their online security. By leveraging the full power of the Revenue EDGE, we have seen a tremendous take rate of this value-added service in just one year, contributing to our overall 20 percent increase in managed Wi-Fi services adoption among our members.”


SCTelcom is further reducing operating expenses with the actionable insights from Calix Support Cloud. Remote management and troubleshooting capabilities, thanks to the seamless integration between SCT WiFiConnect and Support Cloud, provide unprecedented in-home network visibility, enabling customer support representatives to resolve issues quickly and proactively. As a result, SCTelcom has also reduced the number of inbound calls related to SSID password resets—the main reason for member-related support calls—and cut truck rolls by 30 percent in a single year.


SCTelcom leans on the expertise of Calix Premier Customer Success Services to accelerate time to value, implement best practices, and drive service adoption to maximize revenue. SCTelcom is applying these lessons, backed by the real-time data insights of Marketing Cloud, to successfully identify, segment, and target members based on their usage to help drive adoption of ExperienceIQ™, another EDGE Suites application that will excite members with enhanced parental control capabilities to block content or applications, set usage limits, and view usage information.


“SCTelcom is an innovative leader using the Revenue EDGE portfolio to its fullest potential, harnessing the power of the integrated Calix Cloud coupled with the convenience of mobile apps to simplify its operations, excite members with new, revenue-generating services, and grow its business,” said Michael Weening, president and chief operating officer for Calix. “This is what service providers of any size can accomplish when they embrace the power of the platform. Armed with real-time data and mobile notifications that provide a direct communication channel to members, SCTelcom is fueling rapid growth, creating seamless experiences and delighting members with value-added services for their connected home. As a trusted partner, we are thrilled to support SCTelcom’s ongoing success.”


Watch Carla Shearer’s session at  ConneXions to learn more about SCTelcom’s journey with Calix, and view a replay of our recent webinar, “How to Offer the Premium Services That Subscribers Want.”  


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