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May 11, 2021
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Calix Launches the GigaSpire BLAST u6x, the World’s Only Universal, Carrier-Class Wi-Fi 6 System That Supports Every Major Network Technology Including 10G

SAN JOSE, CA – May 11, 2021 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today launched the new GigaSpire® BLAST u6x, giving broadband service providers (BSPs) the only Wi-Fi 6 system capable of delivering up to 10 Gbps Internet services while providing the ultimate flexibility to seamlessly and cost-effectively upgrade subscribers’ access technology today and in the future. Now shipping, the GigaSpire BLAST u6x is the fourth system in the GigaSpire BLAST family, and is the world’s first Wi-Fi 6 system with options for five different WAN SFP connections to accommodate a wide range of deployment scenarios: 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet and GPON—with Active Ethernet and XGS-PON capabilities scheduled for later this year—covering future subscriber network deployment scenarios for upwards of a decade. The fully modular design and integration with the real-time analytics insights of Calix Support Cloud helps BSPs dramatically simplify the deployment process, shorten installation time, and minimize inventory issues—significantly reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.


Powered by the Experience Innovation Platform, the GigaSpire BLAST u6x is fully interoperable with the end-to-end Revenue EDGE solution, including the CommandIQ® mobile app and value-added services in EDGE Suites. By deploying the GigaSpire Blast u6x, a service provider establishes a “digital storefront” in subscribers’ homes from which it can easily generate new revenue streams through exciting new services such as home network security while delivering ultimate Wi-Fi performance.


As the latest addition to the GigaSpire BLAST family, the GigaSpire BLAST u6x supports multiple access technologies, allowing BSPs to future-proof their subscribers’ networks and protect their investment. The GigaSpire BLAST u6x offers BSPs unique ways to grow their business and excite their subscribers, including:


  • Complete flexibility: The swappable optical modules enable BSPs to seamlessly upgrade subscribers’ access technology without having to replace the entire Wi-Fi system (eliminating the need to recreate or re-establish the SSID and other settings), dramatically simplifying the installation process and delivering up to a previously unreachable 10-year lifespan, ensuring the longevity of the system. Furthermore, the lifecycle of every GigaSpire system is future-proofed by enabling new technologies, such as Wi-Fi 6E, through the addition of a low-cost mesh satellite—eliminating the need for BSPs to perform “rip-and-replace” upgrades in the future.
  • Operational simplicity: Because the carrier-class GigaSpire BLAST u6x runs on the Experience Innovation Platform, BSPs that have already deployed other GigaSpire BLAST systems do not need to worry about integrating a new system into their network. This significantly reduces time to market—from months or years to days.
  • Revenue-generating, loyalty-building applications: Like the three other GigaSpire BLAST systems, which are also powered by the Experience Innovation Platform, the GigaSpire BLAST u6x provides a BSP-branded storefront in the subscriber’s home. These services, which are all part of the Revenue EDGE, allow subscribers to benefit from value-added services such as enhanced parental controls, home network security, device protection plans, and the world’s most advanced smart home connected cameras through the Calix partnership with Arlo technologies—all ensuring that the BSP’s brand grows stronger each day.
  • Leading security: The latest integrated hardware security with WPA3 protocols, along with software that is regularly updated and the world’s only deployment of carrier-class physically unclonable functions (PUF), delivers a safe and secure subscriber experience.

GigabitNow, based in the state of Washington, has been a Calix customer for four years, deploying managed Wi-Fi in California, Oregon, Washington, and soon, in Massachusetts. The company has since upgraded to GigaSpire BLAST systems to develop community fiber networks and invested in the rest of the Revenue EDGE solution to excite subscribers with an unmatched experience. 


“For GigabitNow, the GigaSpire BLAST system has been an excellent choice for our network deployment strategy due to its built-in management features, exceptional coverage, and powerful software platform,” said Dan Sivils, chief operating officer for GigabitNow. “We're thrilled by the launch of the GigaSpire BLAST u6x, which will allow for easy upgrades to 10G services and fewer systems to install at the subscriber's location, reducing installation costs—it's a win for our subscribers and us.”


Many Calix customers are choosing to exclusively deploy GigaSpire BLAST systems to their subscribers to put their brand front and center in the home, eliminate the support headaches associated with systems purchased at big-box stores, and increase customer satisfaction—in some cases achieving Net Promoter Scores far above the industry average. As a digital storefront in the subscriber’s home, GigaSpire BLAST systems enable BSPs to craft exceptional subscriber experiences with premium service offerings that drive revenue growth. Like the rest of the GigaSpire BLAST family, the GigaSpire BLAST u6x is tightly integrated with all elements of the Revenue EDGE solution, including Calix Support Cloud, Calix Marketing Cloud, the brandable CommandIQ mobile app, and all Revenue EDGE Suites.


“Today’s introduction of the GigaSpire BLAST u6x system sets the standard for the industry—with support for multiple access technologies up to 10 Gbps, the GigaSpire BLAST u6x offers unmatched performance, flexibility and a 10-year lifespan that helps customers protect their investments,” said Shane Eleniak, senior vice president, Revenue EDGE products for Calix. “Nearly all our customers are either expanding, upgrading, or building new fiber networks, and we expect this trend to continue for years. They would like to make these important investments without having to worry about the cost and complexity of replacing the entire Wi-Fi system every time they adopt a new technology.


“With the u6x, service providers can start off using GPON technology or Ethernet behind an old DSL system, then seamlessly upgrade to XGS PON when they’re ready,” continued Eleniak. “Or they can offer an industry-leading 10 Gbps service with Calix Intelligent Access Edge right out of the gate, leapfrogging the services offered by competitors. No matter the approach, the GigaSpire BLAST u6x enables BSPs to deploy quickly, without extensive integration cost, and allows them to save on CAPEX and OPEX. With the GigaSpire BLAST u6x, we’re demonstrating the value a BSP of any size can get by partnering with Calix to create a state-of-the-art, simplified broadband business that excites subscribers, establishes their brand as the market leader, and grows the value of their business for their stakeholders.”  


The GigaSpire BLAST u6x is available in two form factors: the classic gray tower, available now, and the next-generation white tower, which will ship in the coming months. Learn more about the new GigaSpire BLAST u6x—visit the GigaSpire BLAST u6 product page and watch the new GigaSpire BLAST u6x video.  


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