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Mar 30, 2021
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Norvado Launches Calix EDGE Suites, Achieves an Astounding 99 Percent Uptake of Their Premium Wi-Fi Service Among New Subscribers While Virtually Eliminating Truck Rolls

SAN JOSE, CA – March 30, 2021 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced that Norvado, a broadband service provider (BSP) serving northern Wisconsin, is transforming its 70-year-old business with the complete Calix Revenue EDGE solution to differentiate their brand with premium services for a connected lifestyle. Through a winning combination of segmenting subscribers with Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC), exciting subscribers with services in EDGE Suites, and embracing marketing best practices with EDGE Enablement, Norvado has achieved an incredible 99 percent adoption rate of its branded Apex Managed WIFI service among new subscribers, while increasing margins exponentially. Further, with the robust remote-management capabilities of Calix Support Cloud (CSC), Norvado has virtually eliminated truck rolls to Apex Managed WIFI subscribers, dramatically increasing operational efficiency.


Working with Calix since late 2019, Norvado has implemented the comprehensive Revenue EDGE solution to power its Apex Managed WIFI service. Norvado shifted from a product-focused approach to an innovative, services-based strategy by leveraging:

  • Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC): The rich customer data generated by CMC helps Norvado understand usage patterns to personalize offers; for instance, suggesting upgrades to subscribers that repeatedly hit their upload and download capacities.
  • EDGE Suites: Norvado’s wildly popular Apex Managed WIFI service bundles are based on the subscriber-facing services: ExperienceIQ (for parental controls) and ProtectIQ for advanced security). These pre-integrated services are managed through its branded version of the CommandIQ® mobile app and delivered via the powerful GigaSpire® BLAST systems.
  • Calix Support Cloud (CSC): Real-time insights have enabled Norvado to deliver a differentiated subscriber experience. Calix Support Cloud, which provides real-time intelligence to prevent issues, improve call times, and reduce escalations, has allowed Norvado to fully eliminate truck rolls for Apex Managed WIFI subscribers.
  • Calix EDGE Enablement: Easy-to-customize marketing activation resources from Calix have helped Norvado quickly create and launch new campaigns. Results from the initial campaigns exceeded expectations; Norvado was able to get to market in just 30 days—in the first four months, they made more than 700 new sales, with their Apex Managed WIFI service accounting for 66 percent.

“We needed to make the transition from a product company to one that truly offered a differentiated experience—a connected lifestyle—to our subscribers,” said Chad Mix, marketing director for Norvado. “Our subscribers have enthusiastically embraced our first managed service offering, Apex Managed WIFI, and we’re excited to be extending this to include new services, such as managed smart home solutions from Arlo, available within Calix EDGE Suites. Calix has been an ideal partner for us, providing the state-of-the-art technology and continuous innovation that puts our brand, and only our brand, first. This partnership forms the foundation for our service offerings, as well as the insights, resources, tools, and support to help us succeed now and into the future. Together, we’re working to help Wisconsinites discover what’s possible.”


Norvado has placed its branded CommandIQ mobile app at the center of the Apex Managed WIFI experience, giving subscribers an intuitive, powerful, and easy-to-use tool to control their home system, right in the palm of their hand. In its premium packages or as add-ons to its basic plan, Norvado employs the original two EDGE Suites to offer value-added apps for enhanced network security capabilities (through ProtectIQ) and parental controls (through ExperienceIQ). Norvado will soon excite subscribers even more, building on its smart home offerings with the latest addition to EDGE Suites: Arlo wireless connected cameras, floodlights, and video doorbells. Beyond helping subscribers control their home systems, the Apex Managed WIFI app gives Norvado a critical conduit to directly communicate timely information via mobile notifications on new offers, service outages, community news, and corporate updates, building loyalty and increasing satisfaction among subscribers. The success of the app is clear: nearly 80 percent of Apex Managed WIFI subscribers have adopted the app—an astounding level of uptake—while 38 percent already have purchased the value-added apps.


“Norvado is a shining example of a service provider that is successfully taking on the consumer giants and big box stores to win the hearts and minds of subscribers,” said Matt Collins, chief marketing officer at Calix. “In today’s increasingly connected and complex world, subscribers are seeking a simple, streamlined solution. The approach Norvado has taken proves there’s a clear path to success for broadband service providers. Embracing marketing best practices and innovative services creates revenue gains, loyal subscribers, and expanded value for the business. We are proud to be collaborating with Norvado to deliver the experiences that excite their subscribers, and position Norvado for continued growth.”


Learn more about the Revenue EDGE solution and recently revamped CommandIQ mobile application, and view our webinar “New Year and New Approach: What are the Best ‘Next’ Practices?” on demand.


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