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EDGE Enablement

Helping you accelerate growth
at the Revenue EDGE

EDGE Enablement

Helping you accelerate growth
at the Revenue EDGE

EDGE Enablement

Programs designed to help service providers get positioned for future growth.

Calix is dedicated to the success of our customers. EDGE Enablement is just one example of that commitment, with marketing and education services that can be used to evaluate, educate, launch, promote and WIN with new services.

Made up of more than a dozen different programs—ranging from online courses and marketing materials, to professional services and marketing consults—EDGE Enablement was created with one thing in mind; to help service providers go to market more quickly.

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Calix EDGE Enablement Professional Services

Ready to Accelerate the Revenue EDGE?

EDGE Enablement

Personalization Service

Enablement Services


Would you like to deliver a superior Wi-Fi experience to
your subscribers?

The EDGE Enablement Workshop ensures your field teams and customer support have the processes and training in place to deliver and deploy a superior managed Wi-Fi experience for your subscribers.

Prepare to Ramp

Are your field and operations teams constantly dealing with changing technology that impacts how they activate, deliver and troubleshoot end-to-end services to your subscribers? Greenfield, and even experienced service providers, need help integrating the latest technology and features into cohesive, differentiated services they can deliver and managed efficiently. The Calix EDGE Enablement Workshop is designed to help service provider operations, support, and field installation teams rapidly deploy an exceptional whole home managed Wi-Fi experience and other advanced services leveraging the GigaSpire and GigaCenter systems and Calix Support Cloud platform.

The EDGE Enablement Workshop will cover these topics with your field teams:

  • Important Wi-Fi technologies and their impact on subscriber installations;
  • Revenue EDGE solution features;
  • Cloud workflows and profiles; and
  • Installation and troubleshooting best practices .

Reinforce your brand with CommandIQ™ Personalization Service

Branded mobile apps have a positive impact on consumer attitude! Do you want to reinforce the value of your service and stay top-of-mind in the customer experience? The Calix CommandIQ™ Personalization Service provides modifications to the Calix mobile app to make your brand stand out.


Streamline installations, reduce repeat truck rolls and improve subscriber satisfaction on premises installations for Revenue EDGE

Are your installation teams going back to your subscribers’ premises again and again to fix issues that should have been resolved on the first visit? Proper system placement, signal strength, grounding, and wiring are just a few of the key implementation concerns that should be validated before your installers leave the site, but do you have the best practices in place, check lists, automation tools, documentation, and quality reviews to streamline the process?

Deployment Enablement Services can help you reduce premises revisits due to poor quality and installation errors. Find out how you can accelerate your premises installation quality, reduce truck rolls and improve subscriber satisfaction.    


Customer Success Services


Success is all about time to value. We are here to help you find value quickly. Calix Customer Success Services ensure you are getting the most out of your technology investments. By proactively partnering with you to define your success goals and continuously align your people, processes and systems to meet them, we are driven to help you achieve greater results.

Education Services


Develop your most valuable assets with training that prepares your team to lead your business now; and in the future. Visit the Calix Education Services web page for details on courses that are specific to the Revenue EDGE.