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Feb 02, 2023
2 min

How We Partner With Calix To Automate, Simplify, and Super-Charge Our Network

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We have a long record of innovation, going back to 1910 when Sterling Municipal Light Department (SMLD) began as the electric utility in our small central-Massachusetts community. We’ve taken this to the next level with Sterling Local Area Municipal Broadband (LAMB), our town-owned and managed internet service. Leveraging state and federal funding, we deployed a state-of-the-art, all-fiber broadband network that delivers high-speed internet services up to 1 Gbps for residents and 2 Gbps for businesses.

Using the Calix platforms—Calix Intelligent Access EDGE™, Calix Revenue EDGE™, and the Calix Cloud®— we have built a scalable access network architecture that flexibly accommodates new technologies and increases operational efficiency. For example, it has positioned Sterling LAMB to deliver 10 Gbps services as our subscriber needs grow.  

We continue to innovate in partnership with Calix. And we continue to capture market share at the expense of much larger rivals. We were recently the proud recipient of the “Giant of Operations” award at the 2022 Calix Customer Innovations Awards.  

By deploying the end-to-end Calix solution, we are now able to bring automation to a variety of formerly manual, error-prone operations processes. This has enabled us to:  

  • Execute fast, reliable end-to-end service provisioning. We can turn-up new subscribers up to 67 percent faster. This enables us to deliver exciting new managed services quickly and accelerate time-to-revenue.  

  • Reduce operating expenses. We’re spending less time investigating and troubleshooting issues and dispatching far fewer trucks.  

  • Maximize team resources. We are freeing up our limited network operations personnel resources to work on more critical tasks.  

  • Automate network health checks. We’re able to proactively perform network maintenance and health checks and identify network issues.  

Investing in the Right Solutions To Keep Us Ahead of the Competition

Calix is much more than a vendor—they are a true partner, fully committed to our success. Working with them, we’ll never be seen by subscribers or competitors as just a dumb pipe. From Calix Success Services to EDGE Enablement, they equip us with the solutions, tools, and resources we need to deliver the world-class broadband experience and hometown support our subscribers rely on.

Discover more by downloading our latest eBook, "How Embracing Automation Can Boost Productivity, Lower Costs, and Transform Your Operations."

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