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Bark Consultation

Protect your community and help parents keep their children safe when they're online, anywhere.

Almost a third of teens report having experienced cyberbullying, yet only 1 in 10 disclose the incident to their parent or guardian. How horrible is that? How can service providers best engage parents in their communities to protect their children? What strategies can service providers use to increase revenue, while protecting the children in their communities?

Join a Calix expert for a one-on-one discussion about strategies and available solutions that can help move you from a service provider to an experience provider. During the consultation, we will discuss how you can:

  • Expand your value to the communities you serve by helping families protect children at home, school, and everywhere in between with the Bark social media monitoring managed service
  • How to market Bark to your subscribers, be a giant for your communities, and drive revenue
  • Get started with branding, business modeling and pricing/packaging