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Apr 23, 2024
4 min

3 New Ways To Strengthen Engagement and Drive Adoption of SmartHome Services

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Broadband service providers (BSPs) have complex goals in 2024. Marketers especially are tasked with increasing the adoption of value-based product offerings—like Calix SmartHome™ managed services—while needing to increase average revenue per user (ARPU) and customer lifetime value (CLV). CL Tel, Highline, Hunter Communications, and PTCI are great examples of BSPs that have transformed their offering strategies with managed services. And in doing so, they’re boosting satisfaction, driving loyalty, growing ARPU, and outpacing the competition.

So, what are the secrets to success? One is better subscriber engagement. The more engaged subscribers are, the more receptive they are to upsells and cross-sells for additional managed services, leading to higher ARPU. They also tend to stay with brands longer, contributing significantly to CLV.

Marketers know engagement doesn’t just “happen.” A lot of insights, planning, and coordination go into creating marketing strategies that can seem like “magic.” But that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated—you just need the right tools. 


Helping You Out-Market the Competition 

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to engage effectively with subscribers at every step of the journey. With solutions like Calix Engagement Cloud (Engagement Cloud) and the amazing resources in the Calix Market Activation program, even the smallest BSP can out-market any billion-dollar consumer giant. 

We’re constantly working to help you build this advantage and I’m incredibly excited about some new capabilities we recently introduced in Engagement Cloud. Six new lifecycle triggers allow you to seamlessly engage subscribers with personalized communications based on specific milestones or actions. These include service anniversaries, onboarding of new SmartHome managed services, or even a closed service ticket.

Here are three ways you can use new lifecycle triggers to increase engagement and drive adoption of managed services: 

  • Boost service take rates to grow revenue and lifetime value. Take advantage of onboarding triggers for CommandIQ® and Arlo Secure to ensure subscribers get the most out of their services—and add others. You can launch educational email campaigns that walk them through key features, keep them updated on new capabilities, or help them expand with additional cameras or other services. Show subscribers you’re committed to their success, and you’ll reap the rewards. Highly engaged subscribers are more likely to try new offerings, spend more, and recommend you to others. 

  • Leverage subscriber insights to find new ways to engage. Imagine if you could schedule an automatic campaign for a subscriber who has created a new profile in CommandIQ. Our new trigger capabilities enable you to do just this. A new profile addition is often an indicator that a subscriber has a child in the home, giving you the perfect opportunity to engage with them about additional services like Bark social media monitoring or ExperienceIQ® for enhanced network controls. You can help them keep their kids safe while growing company ARPU—that’s a win-win.  

  • Increase subscriber satisfaction and build enduring loyalty. With automated alerts in Engagement Cloud, you can run timely, relevant campaigns across the entire subscriber lifecycle. For instance, the “System is Discovered” trigger will prompt you to send a welcome email, schedule a thank-you for system-specific milestones, or roll out an upgrade campaign for those that onboarded three years earlier. These all help you strengthen engagement—resulting in happier subscribers, lower churn, and higher CLV.  

By using lifecycle triggers to personalize interactions throughout the entire subscriber journey, you demonstrate that you genuinely understand and care about your subscribers’ unique needs. Maximize these special moments, and you’ll not only grow adoption of SmartHome services and increase revenue, but you’ll also gain subscribers for life. 


Want to learn how you can increase subscriber engagement? Download our white paper “Building Engagement: How You Can Win Your Subscribers Over Every Day.

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Quanda Hunter is a senior product marketing manager at Calix, responsible for the strategic marketing execution for Calix cloud solutions. She has over 10 years in the IT and telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Calix, she led global marketing and demand generation roles at IBM. Quanda has an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and a B.A. in journalism. 

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