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May 11, 2022
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Support Teams Can Increase Process Efficiency and Subscriber Satisfaction With the Only Subscriber Quality of Experience Score That Combines End-to-End Visibility and 7-Day Historical Data

SAN JOSE, CA—May 11, 2022—Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud) now features a Subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) Score that combines powerful seven-day historical data with unprecedented end-to-end subscriber network visibility. Broadband service providers (BSPs) using Support Cloud reduce call times by up to 80 percent. Customer support representatives (CSRs) at BSPs that also leverage the new Subscriber QoE Score will expect to see call-handle times further reduced by another 27 percent. The award-winning Support Cloud is the only customer support solution that gives BSPs insights backed by data from both the home (Wi-Fi) and access (fiber) networks. Consolidated WAN (wide area network) health insights, available for the first time, will significantly increase efficiency for CSRs, helping them to quickly identify the root cause of issues that can be complex to solve. To reduce support calls, CSRs can now benefit from increased visibility into the subscriber mobile experience in the CommandIQ® app. Support Cloud is integrated with CommandIQ and advanced network security application ProtectIQ™ to provide CSRs with complete visibility to make troubleshooting easier.


The expanded historical data in Support Cloud will dramatically simplify resolution of subscriber issues for support teams. In combination with the latest updates to CommandIQ, and ProtectIQ, BSPs can:


  • Reduce call-handle times by another 27 percent and improve first-call resolution rates to boost customer satisfaction. Now customer support teams can analyze subscriber issues with an entire week’s worth of historical data. The ability to resolve complex issues quickly and thoroughly enhances the confidence of CSRs and subscribers alike, vastly improving both employee satisfaction and the subscriber experience. Support Cloud now includes Spanish language capabilities, making it easier for CSRs to serve subscribers in North America’s second most spoken language.
  • Provide end-to-end visibility of the entire subscriber-facing network, from the access edge to the subscriber premises. Support Cloud is the only solution available, built exclusively for BSPs, that provides data from both the home and access networks. This end-to-end network view provides CSRs with complete visibility of the issues that might affect the subscriber experience, allowing for the more rapid resolution of complex issues that might otherwise frustrate subscribers.
  • Minimize support calls related to ransomware, viruses, and other vulnerabilities. Customer support calls related to network security issues—like viruses, ransomware, and malicious web sites—take significantly longer to accurately identify and resolve, driving up average handle times and lowering first call resolution rates. By providing subscribers with network-level protection from ProtectIQ, BSPs can minimize the number of incoming support calls and defend subscribers’ vulnerable connected devices from a variety of cybersecurity threats.


Forked Deer Connect, LLC. delivers fast, reliable broadband services to communities in rural western Tennessee that were previously unserved. It was the first to deliver broadband services to the area, making a multigenerational impact on its communities. Today it continues to bring 24/7 white glove customer service to its subscribers with the help of Support Cloud, which also improves CSR job satisfaction and helps them maintain an exceptionally low employee churn rate.


“Support Cloud enabled us to grow a regional reputation for world-class, managed Wi-Fi paired with equally valuable customer support,” said Brian Vaughn, vice president of operations for Forked Deer Connect, LLC. “This level of support would not be possible without the end-to-end view of the subscriber experience Support Cloud offers, which instills confidence in our CSRs as they continue to resolve complex issues faster. Now with seven-day historical data in the Subscriber QoE Score, we will be able to more quickly identify and resolve issues—leading to at least 27 percent shorter call handling times —taking subscriber satisfaction to the next level."


All BSPs using Support Cloud have access to Calix Customer Success Services, recently awarded a Gold Stevie® for Customer Service Team of the Year from the American Business Awards®. Broadband provider support teams can choose to self-serve through Success for All or add on Premier Success Services to receive personalized counsel from a customer success manager (CSM). Both programs are designed to ensure that BSPs get the most out of their Support Cloud investment with additional onboarding and guidance designed to help them reach their business objectives faster. With Customer Success Services, support teams of any size can increase efficiency to improve the subscriber experience and reduce employee churn.


“Calix continuously delivers new features and enhancements to Support Cloud that streamline and simplify the complex diagnostics that CSRs run to provide great subscriber support,” said Martha Galley, executive vice president, customer engagement and services at Calix. “We enable BSPs of all sizes to deliver an extremely high caliber of customer service to thousands of subscribers with cost-effective teams. Our award-winning Support Cloud product, in combination with our unmatched Customer Success Services, help innovative BSPs grow their business by supplying vital, managed Wi-Fi and security services to their communities.”


Learn more about how Calix Support Cloud and the industry‘s only end-to-end visibility enables BSPs to run highly efficient call centers and maximize ROI for support teams.


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