ITS Telecom Selects Calix EXOS to Own the Smart Home of the Future

ITS Telecom adds Mesh capabilities to its managed Wi-Fi offering and ensures a sensational subscriber experience with Calix Cloud

PETALUMA, CA – December 14, 2017Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced it is partnering with ITS Telecom (ITS) to provide enhanced services to ITS subscribers that will enable the smart home of the future. ITS is now leveraging the Calix Mesh-enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi solution and Calix Cloud to provide unparalleled Wi-Fi coverage, performance, and customer support. With this foundation in place, ITS is also positioned to leverage the Calix EXOS operating system and turn smart home complexity into a significant new revenue opportunity.


Over the last several years, ITS has leveraged the powerful combination of Calix GigaCenters and Calix Cloud to deliver an unmatched subscriber experience, while enabling remote support to reduce costly truck rolls. With the addition of new Mesh Wi-Fi enhancements to the GigaCenters, ITS is now able to offer a managed service that surpasses anything their customers can experience by purchasing a consumer Wi-Fi product at big-box stores or online retailers. This new offering will not only improve the subscriber experience, but it will also open new revenue streams for ITS.


“Last holiday season we saw an increased volume of calls and costly truck rolls as consumer Wi-Fi products entered our subscribers’ homes," said Jeff Leslie, president and CEO of ITS Telecom. "This year, we knew we had to get ahead of this trend to ensure that every subscriber receives an exceptional experience. Our new Managed Wi-Fi service provides the best coverage available in the market, costs significantly less than solutions they can buy in retail stores and provides enhanced technical support. We are also excited by the recent EXOS announcement. We believe that EXOS will allow us to take the next step by helping us tame the complexity of IoT for our subscribers.”


While ITS is leveraging new Mesh capabilities to expand its managed Wi-Fi service and drive revenue today, its smart home strategy also provides a foundation for expanded offerings in the future. Calix EXOS will allow ITS to build on this foundation to provide a fully managed smart home experience.


“Communications service providers have an established foothold in the connected home by virtue of their existing subscriber relationships. However, in an increasingly competitive environment that footing may be precarious,” said Michael Weening, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Calix. “Innovative service providers, like ITS Telecom, recognize the need for a ‘smart home’ strategy if they want to be ready for the impending surge of IoT devices that will flood the connected home. The value-added services that ITS has created provide subscribers with an improved experience while also creating differentiation from consumer offerings. With that subscriber relationship in place, service providers will be able to leverage EXOS to turn the IoT challenge into an opportunity to drive even more new revenue streams and operational efficiencies. In the process, they will redefine what it means to be a ‘smart home'."


Watch this new Calix video to see how the fictitious Miller family has overcome everyday broadband struggles to enjoy their smart home of the future.


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