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Mar 21, 2023
5 min

Jade Communications Cut Truck Rolls by 40 Percent and Achieved a Perfect NPS, and You Can Too

Keeping pace with the rapidly changing world of broadband services can feel overwhelming. Now that many broadband service providers (BSPs) are shifting the “speed-first” mentality and rethinking how to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, subscriber experience and new managed service deployments take on even greater importance. The transition places substantial responsibility on the role of customer support teams, yet it also presents an opportunity.  

For instance, even as Jade Communications increased the number of managed services they support, the team has achieved higher levels of efficiency. Operations director Josh Wehe explained how Calix Service Cloud (Service Cloud) helps his team deliver an exceptional subscriber experience: 

“In a hyper-competitive broadband marketplace, accurate troubleshooting adds more value to our brand and builds loyalty with our subscribers. Support Cloud gives our Wi-Fi Wizards—our CSRs—complete visibility into the subscriber experience, from ONT health to the residential gateway, Wi-Fi, and connected devices. We’ve reduced truck rolls by 40 percent since December 2021, improving operational efficiency and OPEX,” said Wehe. “This frees up our teams to focus on launching additional products and services that create truly exceptional subscriber experiences. The results are rapid growth and a perfect NPS.” 


Delivering World-Class Support for the Rapidly Growing Small Business Market 

The partnership between Jade Communications and Calix shows how agile customer support teams can quickly and efficiently service rapidly expanding residential markets. These opportunities also extend to small business and community segments—all within a single, intuitive, and familiar support environment.

Service Cloud now makes it easier for BSPs to expand into the rapidly growing small business market, while maintaining efficiency by using a single, familiar support system. Service Cloud also supports the recently launched Calix SmartBiz™ managed service, so you can help your small business clients focus on growing their businesses rather than worrying about managing their IT infrastructure and services for their business internet.  

With the latest release of Service Cloud, CSRs can remotely manage and troubleshoot all aspects of SmartBizWorx™, the integrated small business networking and productivity offering in SmartBiz. Your support teams can now configure dedicated owner, POS, staff, and customer networks; set up branded customer-facing Wi-Fi portals; and manage security and content restrictions. Support reps can also configure the CommandWorx™ mobile app, empowering small business owners with self-service capabilities to directly manage and customize their network. Service Cloud provides in-depth analytics and insights on the small business subscriber experience.   

Here are three other ways the latest release of Service Cloud is helping support teams deliver world-class support and ensure a frictionless subscriber experience:  

  1. Leverage a single support system for new market segments without increasing workloads. Support Cloud gives teams a single, intuitive support system that can manage subscribers across residential, community, and, now, small business markets. Regardless of the segment or managed service, CSRs and field technicians can rely on Support Cloud to provide end-to-end visibility of the subscriber experience—mitigating the need to learn a new platform or “swivel chair” between multiple systems.  

  2. Simplify support processes to speed up troubleshooting and reduce resolution times. Calix has simplified the escalation processes for partner-based services, including Arlo Secure for home security camera systems, Bark for online safety for kids, and Servify Care™ for accidental damage protection, cutting down on manual intervention. Additionally, a simplified Support Cloud UI for Calix SmartTown™ improves navigation and usability for account details, onboarded devices, and communities. These enhancements enable support teams to speed up troubleshooting, reduce resolution times, and increase subscriber satisfaction.  

  3. Automate workflows to increase efficiency and proactivity. Service Cloud streamlines call outcome capture and reporting. Now CSRs can easily select options from a drop-down list, which populates subscriber data, including service limit hits, issues and warnings, and select devices. By automating call outcome workflows, support teams increase efficiency and free resources to focus on proactive support. Triangle Communications is already seeing benefits, with more streamlined call outcome reporting. That data provides a holistic snapshot of the customer, which in turn identifies and resolves subscriber issues with speed.

As your responsibility to your subscribers grows, you need simple, efficient workflows. Calix is committed to continuously enhancing Service Cloud to improve the support experience and enable support teams to advance their organizations’ growth.  


To learn more about how Jade Communications is increasing the number of managed services with operational efficiency while delighting subscribers, read the case study.

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