Who knew a service provider could offer the best buy
on Mesh-Enhanced Wi-Fi?

We did.

Who knew a service provider could offer the best buy
on Mesh-Enhanced Wi-Fi?

We did.

The epicenter of the subscriber experience

Calix GigaCenter

The GigaCenter is a powerful system that provides superior Wi-Fi performance and coverage for consumers. Perhaps most importantly, the GigaCenter allows service providers to get strategic, offering subscribers Managed Wi-Fi.

Why settle for status quo when you can deliver the sensational?

Whole Home Wi-Fi

Expansive Wi-Fi coverage, intelligent adaptability, Calix Cloud manageability – all designed to exceed subscriber expectations and help you become Wi-Fi heroes.  


Managed Wi-Fi: The key to improving the subscriber experience


Webinar Replay

Managed Wi-Fi solutions for WISPs


Webinar Replay

The big payoff - reaping the rewards of marketing Managed Wi-Fi

Press Release

Canada’s Tbaytel outpaces competition and generates new revenue streams


Video and Press Release

GoSEMO steps up to revitalize rural communities in southeast Missouri


How can we help with your FCC Performance Testing?


Calix GigaSpire BLAST systems powered by EXOS and GigaCenters, together with Calix Support Cloud, offer service providers a simple and cost-effective solution for performance testing.

No additional equipment. No truck rolls. No third-party involvement.​



Calix Support Cloud eliminates the complexities of setting up the tests, collecting, and reporting the results, especially if you are required to meet regulatory compliance.


Get the expertise and guidance you need to implement the right solution with Calix Broadband Performance Testing Service.

CommandIQ®​ App

Control at your subscribers' fingertips

The CommandIQ App, powered by EXOS, is a critical empowerment tool for the subscriber experience. A simple 5-step onboarding process allows your customers to see devices connected to the home network, set-up a guest network for visitors, implement profiles to toggle devices off/on, control devices and more!


How does it work?

The CommandIQ™ App requires EXOS and works with both GigaCenter and GigaSpire systems.

To experience the CommandIQ App, pair it with Calix GigaSpires or GigaCenters and EXOS to get started today.

Help your subscribers make their 'best buy' while you capture
the Wi-Fi revenue opportunity

Managed Wi-Fi is a critical first step, but the journey to sensational subscriber experience doesn’t stop there. Your subscribers may experience Wi-Fi issues in hard-to-reach areas of their home. A Calix 804Mesh satellite is the answer to extending the great service that you provide to include all areas of their home — and beyond. With the addition of the 804Mesh satellites and software enhancements to your existing GigaCenters, give your customers a sensational Wi-Fi experience for pennies a day

Your subscribers have likely checked out the rows of routers, gateways and mesh extenders online or in their local retailer. The trouble is, what seems like a ‘best buy’ will cause headaches for them and for you. Research shows that more than half of broadband households experience Wi-Fi issues. And, most of the time, consumers are going to call you for support; regardless of where they purchased the device. Not much of a ‘best buy’ for you or your subscriber.

With Managed Wi-Fi from Calix, you have the capabilities required for a Wi-Fi offering that delivers unsurpassed quality of service to subscribers. The GigaCenter provides expansive Wi-Fi coverage and intelligent adaptability, with complete remote management from Calix Support Cloud. With the introduction of the 804Mesh satellites, you can now offer a whole home Wi-Fi service that ensures the highest quality connection throughout an entire home or small business. 


Hear from our customers

Our customers agree. Managed Wi-Fi is the first critical step to an exceptional subscriber experience.

GigaCenter and 804Mesh success stories

Watch how our customers have improved the customer experience with Calix GigaCenters and 804Mesh satellite units.

Calix Marketing awarded third consecutive "Best in Class" marketing

Calix campaign receives recognition as the best Vendor Marketing Award for 2020.

A comprehensive Wi-Fi solution for Reedsburg Utility Commission

Calix Whole Home Wi-Fi solution delivers the Reedsburg Utility Commission's new Lightspeed service offering, which eliminates tiers and gives all subscribers Gigabit internet. 


We want to help you get started

Need help with your go-to-market strategy? Check out our sample marketing materials and educational content

Managed Wi-Fi Campaign Kits

We’ve worked with dozens of service providers to help them build their Managed and Mesh Wi-Fi go-to-market strategies. Download materials that you can use in your campaigns or schedule a free consultation.
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Smart Home Campaign Kits

We’re working with dozens of service providers to help them build their Smart Home go-to-market strategies. Download materials that you can use in your campaigns or schedule a free consultation.
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Calix GigaCenters

844G and 854G GigaCenters

Integrated GPON with RF video (854G)

The 844G is a powerful, GPON service delivery center compatible with Calix E7 GPON line cards. Optionally, the 854G also supports RF for video distribution. 


  • GPON
  • 2 POTS ports
  • 4 GigE LAN ports
  • RF video overlay (854G)

Product Attributes

  • Gigabit service capable
  • 2.4 GHz 802.11n and 5 GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 services
  • UPS alarm telemetry
  • Managed by Calix Cloud

844GE GigaCenters

Flexible GPON/AE auto-detect for E7/B6 infrastructure

The 844GE is a powerful, dual mode service delivery center compatible with Calix E7 GPON/Active Ethernet and B6 Active Ethernet line cards.  


  • GPON / AE auto-detect WAN
  • 2 POTS ports
  • 4 GigE LAN ports

Product Attributes

  • Gigabit service capable
  • 2.4 GHz 802.11n and 5 GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Managed by Calix Cloud
  • UPS alarm telemetry

Calix GigaCenters Tech Specs: 844E, 844G, 844GE, 854G, and 804Mesh

844G 844GE 854G


POTS (FXS) 2 2 2


10/100/1000 Ethernet 4 4 4


2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11n 802.11n 802.11n


5 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11ac 802.11ac 802.11ac


RF N/A N/A 1003MHz


Power and On/Off Switch UPS or Adapter UPS or Adapter UPS or Adapter


Mesh enhanced













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