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Jun 06, 2024
4 min

Deliver Differentiated Experiences Your Subscribers Need, Simply

A laptop with security icons and a locked shield to protect the subscriber experience

It’s a message worth repeating: Faster and cheaper are no longer differentiators. Your competitors focus on low prices because that’s all they can offer. While they promote inexpensive broadband, you can leverage your strong community connections and focus on experience.

Understanding subscribers’ wants and needs is invaluable, but information alone is not enough. To take your business to the next level, you need a comprehensive solution designed to help you expand your service offerings and improve the subscriber experience.

Broadband service providers (BSPs) are using Calix solutions to revolutionize how they deliver internet services. The complement of the Calix Broadband Platform and Calix SmartLife™ managed services help BSPs offer new services across different markets—driving differentiated and meaningful subscriber experiences.


The SmartLife Opportunity

You already know what your subscribers want: safe browsing for their children; a secure, robust, and reliable network both in and out of their homes; and access to tools and functionality to help them build their businesses and improve their communities. SmartLife enables you to enhance the subscriber experience by providing tools to expand and deliver value-based offerings.

SmartLife offers a range of service options to cater to every subscriber combination through its four distinct offerings:

  • SmartHome™ delivers remarkable broadband experiences for residential subscribers tailored to their needs.  

  • SmartBiz™ offers a purpose-built solution for small businesses prioritizing security and productivity along with a branded Wi-Fi experience.

  • SmartTown™ extends the Wi-Fi experience throughout your subscribers’ communities.

  • SmartMDU™ builds personalized Wi-Fi for MDU residents and streamlines operations for property managers.

Taken together, SmartLife offers a comprehensive solution to enhance customer satisfaction, boost revenue, and prepare your organization for future competition.


Calix Broadband Platform—A Scalable Growth Engine

But how do you efficiently launch and manage SmartLife solutions across multiple business lines? The Calix Broadband Platform is a transformative network foundation, allowing you to deliver and support differentiated services faster by simplifying operations across your team of marketers, operations, and support personnel.

Integral to the Broadband Platform, Calix Cloud streamlines data reporting, presents actionable insights, and enables workflow automation. You now have a holistic view of your network, helping you better understand your subscribers and personalize every interaction. 

The Broadband Platform allows end-to-end service delivery solutions through:

  • Intelligent Access: combines Calix Cloud automation and operational simplicity with the systems, software, and services to build a simplified network. With their hallmark modular architecture, Intelligent Access systems meet the needs of high-capacity data centers and scale down to the most remote subscriber locations.  

  • Unlimited Subscriber: brings the power of the platform into the daily lives of your residential and small business subscribers through high-performance indoor and outdoor managed Wi-Fi systems. With Calix Cloud, your staff gets the insights and tools they need to differentiate your brand through amazing customer support.

By centralizing operations under the Broadband Platform, you can reduce OPEX while better understanding every subscriber interaction. Create a differentiated subscriber experience that increases satisfaction, builds loyalty, and reduces churn.


Building the Future of Broadband

Consumer expectations are evolving. The service providers who embrace that change will be in the best position to wow subscribers and expand their business.

SmartLife offers everything you need to increase subscriber loyalty while evolving your offerings to build new business lines. And with the Broadband Platform, you can easily deploy, manage, and support every subscriber. 

Calix understands what you need to thrive in today’s market. The network of experts and innovators who comprise our Calix Partner Community—along with comprehensive guidance from our Calix Success team—can also help you navigate this terrain.

Together, we can innovate to meet subscriber needs, simplify your operations, and grow your business. 


Request a consultation today to see how Calix can deliver a better broadband experience for your subscribers and your business.  

Vice President, Solution & Product Marketing, Calix

Alan DiCicco is the vice president of Solution and Product Marketing at Calix. Alan leverages a breadth of marketing and systems design experience in software platforms, optical access, Wi-Fi, and managed services to bring value to broadband managed service providers and ecosystem partners. His past communications industry experience includes senior roles in solutions marketing and product management. He also spent the first few years of his career working for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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