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Jan 11, 2024
3 min

3 Ways Calix is Making it Easier for Marketers To Increase Subscriber Engagement

It’s well documented that competing on speed alone is no longer a viable strategy in today’s broadband market. That’s a race to zero. This is why we’re excited to see rural and regional broadband service providers (BSPs) embrace a new approach as they battle the industry giants. 

Innovative BSPs like CL Tel, Highline, Hunter Communications, PTCI, and many others are transforming their offering strategies with managed services. They are developing persona-based offerings that meet the specific needs of different subscriber segments, from families to work-from-home professionals to gamers and beyond. And in doing so, they’re boosting satisfaction, driving loyalty, increasing average revenue per user (ARPU), and outpacing the competition.


Driving Higher Levels of Engagement

These BSPs are also differentiating their marketing by engaging with subscribers in progressively sophisticated ways. This is the driving force in the evolution of Calix Marketing Cloud to Engagement Cloud. Engagement Cloud is so much more than a brand update—we’re expanding the breadth and depth of capabilities with every quarterly release. Advanced, data-driven insights, integrations with leading digital marketing platforms, increased automation, and new levels of personalization enable BSPs to engage ever more effectively with their subscribers.

CL Tel Chief Operating Officer Chris Lovell shared how subscriber engagement underpins their differentiated offering strategy: “Now is the time to expand our value proposition to deliver differentiating services that further set our brand apart. The power of the Calix platform, paired with customizable creative assets in the Market Activation program, enables us to swiftly promote essential managed services like social media monitoring to provide safe online experiences for children in our community. We’re able to enhance the value we provide our subscribers, simplify personalized outreach, and grow our business by launching new services that our customers need.”


Personalizing at Every Step of the Journey

The best engagements are personalized from the very first touchpoint. That’s why we’re giving BSP marketers new ways to personalize the subscriber journey from initial outreach through to installment. Here are the latest: 

  • Self-installation via mobile app to turn up subscribers faster. Subscribers who prefer a DIY approach can now take advantage of self-guided installation via the customizable CommandIQ® mobile app. In addition to offering greater convenience, the CommandIQ app enables BSPs to personalize the subscriber experience from the very start. Marketers can also use ready-to-go materials in the Market Activation program to educate subscribers about the ease of self-installation. 

  • Tools to quickly launch campaigns promoting persona-based offerings. We released new agency-quality creative assets in the Calix Electronic Content Builder and new website templates for the Calix Web Builder. With these assets, marketers can launch campaigns promoting persona-focused service offerings based on Engagement Cloud segments days or even weeks faster than they could before. 

  • Instant access to essential subscriber insights. Broadband marketers with Engagement Cloud can customize and pin their preferred dashboard view, making frequently used data and insights instantly accessible. Personalization options for reporting give them deeper campaign insights and make it easy to share success. 

And there’s much more to come in 2024. Additional Engagement Cloud planned updates will further simplify personalized subscriber marketing campaigns with streamlined, automated, scheduled, and triggered communications.


Learn more about how you can drive new levels of engagement with subscribers—download our white paper “Building Engagement: How You Can Win Your Subscribers Over Every Day.”  

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Quanda Hunter is a senior product marketing manager at Calix, responsible for the strategic marketing execution for Calix cloud solutions. She has over 10 years in the IT and telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Calix, she led global marketing and demand generation roles at IBM. Quanda has an MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and a B.A. in journalism. 

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