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Jan 17, 2024
3 min

Why Do Data Insights Matter for Electric Cooperatives That Offer Broadband?

We live in a data-driven society. While we never want to be intrusive, we do want to leverage data in a way that protects subscribers while benefiting our broadband businesses. 

How is that best done? By tracking what matters through a cloud-based partner you can trust, who understands broadband services and data privacy in a way that means your team doesn’t get bogged down with too many disparate platforms.

Don’t Let “Big Data” Overwhelm You—Make It Work For You

It’s no secret. “Big data” is being scraped off the internet, connected devices, and even in-person activities all day. Businesses know that it’s integral to their success, but nothing is more overwhelming than tons of data—without an actionable plan. Many teams are stuck buying multiple tools to analyze their data, and swivel chair from platform to platform. 

Even more, broadband service providers (BSPs), especially electric cooperatives, often have smaller teams. There simply aren’t enough resources to go around or to staff every technology solution—no matter how valuable its data might be.

The secret is to spin data to serve you, not end up serving it.

Streamline Your Data Analysis Down To One Cloud-Based Tool

Instead of hiring multiple data analysts to extract data from siloed systems, you can deploy cloud-based analytics solutions that aggregate raw data from multiple network systems and use advanced algorithms. This means that the data isn’t just drawn out, it’s crunched and turned into something realistic that you can act on. 

Let’s take a closer look at a real-life scenario.

Imagine your support team is flooded with calls because subscribers can’t connect to their home internet. Because of the calls, you send multiple technicians out into the field to locate the root cause. 

Now let’s imagine an alternative.

With a cloud-based analytics solution, you have end-to-end visibility into your entire network. This means your team can isolate the root cause from the main office, instead of sending out multiple technicians. 


Data Insights Do Even More To Improve Your Subscribers’ Experience

Not only will data insights improve your day-to-day operations, but they also help you provide unrivaled support—which is the true differentiating factor between you and other BSPs. Network operations, customer support, and marketing can all leverage data insights from cloud-based solutions to resolve outages faster, pinpoint in-home issues, and recognize potential changes that would improve your subscribers’ experience. 

The best way to learn more about data insights for electric cooperatives is by taking our course in Broadband Academy. Because you also have the electric side of your business to consider, you don’t have the time to do this all on your own. Start with Broadband Services Fundamentals, where you’ll learn the five stages of a broadband project. That will lay the perfect foundation for the special course, Understanding Broadband Services for Electric Cooperatives, which digs deeper into deploying cloud-based solutions.

With a holistic offering that spans every touchpoint in your subscribers’ journey, you can position your electric cooperative to be ten steps ahead of the competition. 

Ready to dig deeper into data insights for electric cooperatives? Take our course in Broadband Academy to learn more with complimentary access—and at your own pace. 

Senior Manager, Field Marketing—Electric Cooperatives, Calix

Nick Jones is the senior manager, field marketing - electric cooperatives at Calix. He has over 20 years of experience building relationships, brands, and organizations, focusing on the rural broadband movement. Nick has worked alongside utilities, cooperatives, and communities nationwide as they seek to provide broadband that will allow their community to thrive for decades. 

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