September 25, 2020 by Greg Owens

New BLAST u4 Saves Your Subscribers from Big-Box Retailers


Recently Calix launched our newest carrier-class, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ EDGE System: the GigaSpire BLAST u4. When combined with the existing portfolio of EDGE Systems, the BLAST u4 gives you more flexibility on how you deliver the BLAST ultimate Wi-Fi experience—and helps you meet the unique needs of today’s subscribers.

The BLAST u4 is a complement to our GigaSpire BLAST u6, which we launched last year. The BLAST u6 remains our most powerful Wi-Fi 6 system, and features four LAN ports, integrated voice services, and the ability to deliver superior throughput and complete coverage to every part of your subscribers’ homes. How does the BLAST u4 compare? Think of it as the BLAST u6’s cooler cousin—the BLAST u4 has a minimalist, compact design that subscribers will love, plus a power cord and wall-mounting capabilities to offer ideal placement in any room. (Unlike those plug-in systems that have sub-optimal coverage and performance.)

Personally, I can report that my wife is tickled pink with how the BLAST u4 has improved Wi-Fi in our family room. The BLAST u4 is also a great option if you want a solution to meet the network needs of subscribers on lower-tier services.

All the benefits of the BLAST u4.

Unlike some other consumer-grade gateways, the BLAST u4 is a carrier-class Wi-Fi system that can be fully managed with Calix Support Cloud (say goodbye to frustrating service calls related to the performance of gateways purchased at big-box stores). And, like the other EXOS-powered EDGE Systems, the new BLAST u4 also gives you these key benefits:

  • Compatibility with Revenue EDGE: In addition to all the revenue-generating, value-added services found in the EDGE Suites, the BLAST u4 also offers Ookla-powered, FCC-compliant performance tests.
  • Ability to offer subscribers enhanced home network security: Most consumer-grade routers lack WPA-3 and physically unclonable functions (PuF)—but both are built into all BLAST systems, making them less susceptible to hackers.
  • Flexibility to serve multiple use cases: LAN ports are still important for some subscribers; namely, anyone with devices that still require Ethernet connectivity or anyone who subscribes to IPTV services with hard-wired set top boxes. The BLAST u4 features two Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports. It can also be configured as a Mesh Wi-Fi system, connected to a either a BLAST u12, BLAST u6, or another BLAST u4 system.
  • Improved deployment times: Because they seamlessly integrate with the Revenue EDGE solution, new BLAST u4 systems can be launched in mere days. (Here are some great examples of providers that have significantly reduced the time required for evaluation, testing, integration, and deployment of new systems.)

To learn more about the features of the new BLAST u4, and the benefits to your business, register now for our September 30 webinar, “Right-size Subscriber Experience: New Ways to Deliver BLAST Ultimate Wi-Fi” or visit the new BLAST u4 product page.