October 10, 2018 by Kezia Gollapudi

Contributing to 23 Percent Revenue Growth: The Midwest Energy & Communications Story


Recently, during a live webinar, Candy Riem, Vice President, Marketing & Member Solutions at Midwest Energy & Communications (Midwest), shared their journey to re-shape the co-op’s marketing function.

Taking the first steps

With longstanding subscriber trust and confidence that local co-ops enjoy, their marketing departments typically focus on informing and educating subscribers.

However, with the introduction of FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) a few years ago, Midwest soon realized that a generic approach to engaging with their members was neither smart nor cost-effective. Moving from “blanket marketing” to a goal-oriented mindset meant leveraging data already available across their systems to drive their strategy. 

While recognizing the power of data was easy, it become quickly apparent that using information from various sources such as their SIS (subscriber information system), Calix platforms, Nielson, and Google Analytics, independent of each other, would not scale.

Considering the options

To continue the transformation, the options were limited but clear.

  • Work inefficiently? Collecting and correlating information across different systems was very manual. And mapping similar fields across multiple data sets to analyze the information needed for every campaign was going to get more tedious and complex.
  • Engage a data scientist? While the marketing team really needed someone who understood the data and more importantly how it could be interpreted and applied to marketing, hiring a full-time resource was not efficient nor budget-friendly.
  • Invest in a self-service tool designed for service provider marketers? According to Candy, when Midwest heard about Calix Marketing Cloud, they were thrilled that their solutions provider had built a platform that would put subscriber insights at their fingertips. Now they were going to get easy and immediate access to information they needed to engage with their subscribers in more meaningful ways.

Seeing the results

Since taking a data-driven approach to their marketing, Midwest has increased its annual revenue by 23 percent and grown its subscriber base by 18 percent.

For example, one of their first campaigns aimed at improving subscriber experience, simply targeted heavy streamers with a competitively priced Managed Wi-Fi. It not only increased the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), but also spiked a 250 percent increase in their total Managed Wi-Fi subscribers.

Doubling down on data

Now Midwest is taking on the new challenge of expanding outside their territory. Venturing into areas where prospects are unfamiliar with Midwest, and similarly Midwest is unfamiliar with the prospects, is an ambitious undertaking.

By leveraging existing subscriber insights at hand for acquiring new subscribers, Midwest is able to target the right prospects and prioritize those with maximum revenue potential.

For their complete journey, and a closer look at some of their successful campaigns, check out the webinar.