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Sustainable Supply Chain

Delivering sustainability at every step

As part of our commitment to society, our people, and the planet, Calix reviews the sustainability practices of its supplier partners.

We aspire to contribute positively to the world and realize the tremendous opportunity to formalize our commitment to driving value in our industry, our customers’ communities, and globally.

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Our partner in sustainability

Calix collaborates with Ecovadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. 

The EcoVadis evaluation includes 21 sustainability criteria across four core themes. Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. These evaluations are used to provide priorities and drive continuous sustainability improvement across our supply chain.

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Our commitments

We make commitments in three focused areas

Leadership and compliance

Calix trusts and audits suppliers to uphold our Code of Conduct and keep improving their standards over time.

Continuous improvement

Sustainability is embedded in every step of the supply chain and sourcing, from onboarding to continuous performance reviews and audits.


Our supply chain and sourcing managers are not only trained in sustainability, but also empowered to innovate and improve our environmental impact.

Four core sustainability themes


We monitor the entire life cycle of products and impacts from production processes and product use through end-of-life.

Of our suppliers representing 80% of Calix spending:

  • 33% have a science-based climate emission target
  • 50% are already reporting on Scope 3 emmissions
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Labor and human rights
Labor and human rights

We expect our suppliers to provide evidence of their focus on employee health and safety, acceptable working conditions, training, diversity, and equity.

Supplier diversity

Diverse suppliers help to foster a more equitable business climate and drive innovation. It's also a meaningful tool for economic growth and job creation, especially in often overlooked communities.

The goal of the Calix supplier diversity program is to continuously look for ways to increase the level of spending with diverse suppliers—suppliers that are owned by minorities, women and other under-represented groups.

To achieve this goal, Calix includes supplier diversity as a criterion when awarding new business and when onboarding new suppliers. 

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Our supplier contracts, as well as our Supplier Code of Conduct, clearly set expectations in regard to corruption, anti-competitive practices, and responsible data management.

95% of suppliers to Calix have a policy on corruption, labor and human rights. 

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Sustainable procurement

Using our Supplier Code of Conduct, Calix asks suppliers to determine how to meet, demonstrate, and integrate their compliance.  Calix expects suppliers to apply the Code’s principles to continuous improvement efforts aimed at advancing performance over time.

  • We audit our suppliers annually on environmental and social procurement practices.
  • Quarterly supplier reviews related to sustainability goals and overall performance metrics are scored and reviewed. These factors have full consideration for new awards of business.
  • On-site Supplier audits are conducted annually by our Quality team.

Our supply chain and sourcing managers are required to take sustainability training and are encouraged to educate themselves and bring ideas and solutions forward.

Our suppliers have access to EcoVadis Academy and are encouraged to use the tools available to continuously drive improvement in sustainability—focusing on assessing their environment, labor and human rights, company ethics, and sustainable procurement themes.

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