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Technology Innovation

Green broadband

Calix is helping broadband service providers deliver broadband to all, while also doing our part for the planet

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Ready to build the most efficient networks possible?

Building the most efficient network isn’t just about reducing the management and maintenance efforts required to operate the network. It’s also about reducing the total footprint—space, power and cooling resources required. ​


The most efficient broadband network architecture reduces energy consumption.


Enable your subscribers to reduce power consumption.

Access network

The Calix access network allows BSPs to reduce carbon footprint.

Do your part with the world's greenest broadband platform

Do your part

Architect a green broadband access network

  • Sustainability Innovations improve operational efficiency by lowering the total cost of ownership.
  • Reduces XGS-PON data center footprint by half ​
  • Up to 50% Power usage for PON deployments​
  • Enables service providers to be the sustainability leaders in their community​
  • Allow broadband service providers to reduce carbon footprint and support their communities

Do your part

Build a green broadband access network

The Intelligent Access architecture with E9-2:​

  • Eliminates 10 or more systems from every region of your network
  • Reduces space and facility cooling required​
  • Reduces power consumption by 73 percent
  • Simplifies your operations by 85 percent
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Do your part

Enable green subscribers

  • Consolidate the subscriber premises connectivity​
  • One system—delivering Wi-Fi 6 to the whole home​
  • 97 percent of subscriber homes with a GigaSpire Blast do not need a mesh unit​
  • Reduce subscriber power consumption by over 52 percent per home

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News and insights

Technology innovation in action

Broadband service providers are doing their part to ensure a greener future for us all​

Building the most efficient network isn’t just about reducing the​ management and maintenance efforts required to operate the​ network. It’s also about reducing the total footprint—space,​ power, and cooling resources required. Calix BSPs are​ deploying greenest broadband networks.​

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Is sustainability the missing piece to future-proofing your access network?

What does sustainability mean for you as a broadband service provider (BSP)?
How can you build an access network that will last for decades?

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Calix BSPs are doing their part to ensure a greener future for us all​

Calix has consolidated all of our labs into one Calix Virtual Innovation Lab, enabling our workforce to access needed equipment from anywhere.

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Reduce home Wi-Fi energy consumption and maintain Wi-Fi performance

Energy prices are rising and consumers are under pressure to consume less energy—from electronic appliances to home Wi-Fi gateways and mesh systems.

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Customer success

Customers benefitting from Calix green innovation

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ALLO Communications

ALLO Communications makes a sustainability impact by leveraging the Calix platform to reduce energy consumption by 73% while increasing their use of renewable energy.

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AcenTek simplified their network, saved 73 percent in power in the access network, and deployed 50 percent greener managed Wi-Fi per home.

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Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Communications reduced energy consumption up to 90 percent by moving from coax to Calix platform

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