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Jun 12, 2019

Take Your Wi-Fi and Smart Home Services from Strategy to Reality

Calix Professional Services experts will step you through key considerations for operationalizing the technology, processes and tools for delivering whole home Wi-Fi and smart home services to your subscribers using the Calix GigaSpire family and Calix Cloud applications. In this webinar you’ll learn why it’s important to:

  • Establish proper deployment workflows for repeatable and streamlined service activation
  • Build consistent knowledge and standardized installation practices across your operations and field teams to optimize deployment
  • Ensure field technician readiness on installations using real world environments

Establishing end-to-end workflows and organizational readiness on new technology and new services like GigaSpire, whole home Wi-Fi and smart home can be challenging for greenfield service providers and even experienced ones - especially when you to want to move fast. Join us for this informative webinar where you’ll gain insight on accelerating your time to market.