Sealed Access

Calix E3 Sealed Access Nodes

Sealed access nodes have become a strategic weapon for service providers – Designed to balance cost-effective delivery of services today to hard-to-reach locations with the most advanced technologies available to aide in future network transformation. Perfect rapid deployment initiatives like CAF2 or accelerated competitive response, the E3 family of sealed access nodes play a key role in simplifying your network while delivering cutting-edge technologies – from vectored VDSL2 and G.fast over copper for SFU and MDU residential subscribers to GPON solutions optimized for cable operators.

E3-2 Intelligent PON Node

The E3-2 Intelligent PON Node is a revolutionary system designed to collapse access and service edge functions into a distributed fiber architecture, disrupting the economics of driving PON technology into a fiber deep architecture and dramatically reducing service provider operational costs.

Featuring an environmentally hardened, modular “deploy anywhere design” that can be mounted aerially, on a pole, on a wall, or in a pedestal, the E3-2 is fully upgradable and serviceable, enabling rapid upgrades to 10 gigabits per second (10 Gbps) and higher speed PON technologies in the future.

The E3-2 can be equipped with multiple powering options to fit a variety of deployment environments. Learn more about how you can leverage the power of the E3-2.

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CAF2-ready Advanced xDSL for SFUs


The sealed and environmentally hardened Calix E3-48C (combo – integrated voice and data) and E3-48 (overlay – data with external voice) Access Nodes bring a new level of flexibility to service providers seeking to deliver advanced broadband services over existing copper infrastructure. The E3-48C supports up to 48 ports of “combo” VDSL2 and POTS services in a compact, hardened, and sealed form factor, simplifying network transformation by replacing legacy TDM DLCs. 

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The sealed and environmentally hardened Calix E3-12C (combo – integrated voice and data) is optimized for extremely hard-to-reach and low density environments.

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Gigabit-capable G.fast for MDUs and Remote Distribution Points


The E3-16F Sealed Access Node delivers industry-leading G.fast innovations to MDUs and DPU locations. Built to extend GPON or pt-to-pt gigabit Ethernet fiber access deployments into these already copper-rich environments, this passively cooled G.fast node can be outdoor pole, wall, manhole, or pedestal mounted with local DC, forward, and reverse power options.

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The Fast Track to Gigabit Services for Cable Operators


The E3-8G is a node-based, environmentally hardened, optical line terminal (OLT) optimized to allow cable operators to cost-effectively deliver symmetrical gigabit services today. Leveraging 60/90VAC cable plant power and a strand or pole mountable node-based design, the E3-8G is designed to seamlessly deliver advanced broadband services to over 500 residential or business customers using proven gigabit passive optical network (GPON) technology. By utilizing a node-based architecture, cable operators can both leverage a familiar form factor and deployment model, as well as significantly improve the economics of fiber deployment when compared with traditional fiber network deployments.

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