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Enable small businesses to maximize productivity and drive customer engagement

CommandWorx Overview

Put the small business owner in the driver's seat

CommandWorx enables access to SmartBiz™ and its features, empowering business owners to monitor and manage SmartBiz from anywhere.

Business owners can self-service their network, resulting in fewer support calls and higher customer satisfaction.

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Product detail

Small business network management from anywhere

Network management
Four built-in isolated networks
  • Manage and share Wi-Fi network credentials
  • See which devices are connected to the network
  • Customize security and content restrictions
commandworx screen with spot for BSP brand
Network resilience
Ensure business continuity
  • Maintains Internet connectivity if there’s a fiber disruption
  • Automatically switches from WAN to a connected hotspot
  • Control which Wi-Fi networks to backup
abstract network
Staff management
Improve security and productivity
  • Add staff with unique Wi-Fi passwords
  • Apply content restrictions to the staff network
  • Network-level security protects staff devices
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Customer portal
Drive brand loyalty
  • Provide free and safe Wi-Fi to customers
  • Collect email addresses for marketing campaigns
  • Customize the brandable splash page
CommandWorx  portal screen

Benefits and features

Your brand in their hand

Out-of-the-box personalization

Built-in app personalization makes it simpler than ever to keep your brand front and center.

Premier personalization service

Set yourself apart with a standalone mobile app with your logo, brand color, and app name, offering a more personalized experience.

Simplify subscriber self-service

Easy-to-use mobile app offers self-service capabilities so business owners can manage their connected small business.

Market activation

Tools and content to market CommandWorx

Grow your business by increasing your marketing effectiveness

Built by service provider marketers for service providers, the Calix Market Activation program combines award winning creative and real-world marketing programs built exclusively for subscribers.

screenshot of market activation resources